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Hair Colors That Are Suitable For Your Skin Tone


Choosing hair colors that are right for your skin tone is important when looking to color your hair. For women with fair skin, there are countless options that you can try. Will you choose dark or light colors? How about the middle ones? We are here to help you find the right hair color for fair skin. Read on and make your choice.

Bright ombre haircuts

The key to a good ombre is choosing the right color and shine. Choose light ombre hair colors for light skin and a dark base with light brown hair color for olive skin. For girls with curly hair, drop the blow dryer and round brush while drying your hair and simply air dry your curls. This way, the waves separate naturally and your shine becomes more visible.

Bright ombre haircuts | Hair Colors That Are Suitable For Your Skin Tone

Natural hair color

You can also start your brown hair a little further from your roots. This way you keep your natural hair color at your roots and you don't have to worry about color combinations. If you have long ombre hair, pay special attention to the tips. They tend to get drier than the rest of your hair - even more so if you have colored hair.

Natural hair color | Hair Colors That Are Suitable For Your Skin Tone

Golden shine

There is a way to style golden shine without your previous hair color just going dull. Ask your barber about highlights that aren't too different from your base color to give your layers, texture, and a touch of sunshine.

Ash brown hair color
This is a color that is generally flattering regardless of your skin tone. Ash brown is the type of hair color that also looks great on any type of haircut - whether straight and long or layered and wavy. It's a pretty natural-looking hair color that you can easily maintain and style with different outfits.

Golden shine | Hair Colors That Are Suitable For Your Skin Tone

The key to a black shade

Pair your shiny black hair with light styling to highlight your healthy-looking mane. You can opt for straight hair or shiny waves. Either way, make sure your scalp is dandruff-free as those nasty white flakes are easy to see on black hair.


Honey hair colors

This warm medium shade of brown also goes well with different skin tones. Honey's hair color has a few tones, making it nice for the summer when you want to bring out your sun-kissed glow. Don't you want to completely change your hair color? Opt for dip-dyed honey hair. That way, you don't have to change your roots when your hair starts growing.


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