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These 3 Styling Mistakes Make Thin Hair Look Even Flatter


Hoods and hats do not necessarily contribute to a voluminous hairstyle in winter - but with thin hair, three styling mistakes have a much more serious effect on the fullness. Because the constitution of the hair actually decides how you have to deal with it.

These 3 Styling Mistakes Make Thin Hair Look Even Flatter
From the towel turban to the conditioner: These three mistakes make hair look even thinner and destroy any volume (seen here at Salvatore Ferragamo, Spring/Summer 2021).

While the use of a round brush or dry shampoo has a positive effect on thin hair, conditioners, towel turbans and bangs do the opposite - and actually make thin hair look even flatter.

These three styling mistakes make thin hair look even flatter:

1. Bangs hairstyles

With thin hair, it is important to use the existing fullness for volume - and not thin it out any further. A pony is therefore counterproductive! This hairstyle is finally cut from the top hair and ensures that thin hair looks optically even flatter. It is better to work specifically with layers that give the hairstyle volume and distract from the thin hair.

1. Bangs hairstyles | These 3 Styling Mistakes Make Thin Hair Look Even Flatter
Instagram: @pernilleteisbaek

2. Conditioner

Conditioner is actually crucial for the care of long hair, but with a thin structure, this product can ensure that all of its volumes is lost. Because the conditioner has an aggravating effect and presses thin hair even flatter than it already is by nature. Therefore you should only add a small amount of the product to the tips and avoid the approach completely.


3. Towel turban

The towel turban may be handy after a wash, but its weight puts pressure on the hairline and makes the hair look flat before it's even styled. Thin hair is weighed down directly at the root and can then only appear voluminous to a limited extent. Here it is worthwhile to either let the hair air dry or blow-dry it overhead on a medium setting - this makes it look even fuller!

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