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Kate Middleton: This Is The Trick For Her Perfect Curls


Duchess Kate impresses with flawless hairstyles every time she appears: even in zoom calls or after hours of marathon meetings, her hair always fits perfectly. A hairstylist has revealed which styling spray could be responsible for this - and it is cheaper than expected.

Kate Middleton: That's the trick behind the Duchess' curls

Kate Middleton: This is the trick for her perfect curls

Even if a professional team is responsible for the Duchess's hair in normal times, Kate Middleton had to take care of her hairstyles herself in times of lockdown. That hasn't done any harm to her appearance: In video meetings, she presents flawless hairstyles and, above all, the perfectly bouncing curls catch the eye. Hairstylist James Johnson revealed a trick on how to create curls that last particularly long at home without professional support. He recommends the use of the special texture spray “Style on Steroids” from Color Wow, which provides the hair with heat protection and texture at the same time.

Kate Middleton: The Trick For Her Long Lasting Curls

Re-styling locks à la Kate Middleton at home is less time-consuming than expected: Celebrity stylist James Johnson recommends the Texture Spray from Color Wow for long-lasting results, which gives the hair shine and texture and offers heat protection. Then a medium curling iron is used, with which the curls are turned towards the back of the head. After the curls have cooled, they can be combed out with a brush for a natural look.

Duchess Kate relies on the natural look

Duchess Kate relies on the natural look | Kate Middleton: This is the trick for her perfect curls
The Duchess is known for her simple but elegant hairstyles.

Styling variety: Kate Middleton varies her looks

During the pandemic, Kate Middleton's main focus is on a simple and classic style. She shows a wide range of different, simple hairstyles - she is particularly fond of the side parting. This particularly emphasizes her cheekbones and makes the Duchess's face look more open. Combing it to the side makes the royal hair look even more voluminous.

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