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Recognizing Hair Loss: 3 Early Signs


Hair that has fallen out collects in the hairbrush - but is the number still normal or is it hair loss? We'll reveal 3 early signs that you can spot hair loss.

Recognizing Hair Loss: 3 Early Signs
Is the amount of hair lost normal or is it already hair loss?

Recognizing Hair Loss: 3 Early Signs
We'll tell you here which signs you can recognize hair loss.

Women with long hair in particular are familiar with the phenomenon: we leave individual hairs wherever we are. On the sweater, the pillow, in the sink ... Individual hairs fall out, and that is completely normal. However, if you lose a significant amount of hair, you may experience hair loss. What is the normal amount and when does it count as hair loss? These signs can help you spot hair loss early.

Identify hair loss by these signs

The rule, "Anyone who loses more than 100 hairs a day, has hair loss" is difficult to assess in practice. Not only is it almost impossible to count the hair lost exactly - the number of hairs is also individual for each person, depending on how much hair they have.

If you are unsure whether the amount of hair you lose every day is normal, watch out for these signs that can indicate hair loss:

  1. The plucking test: Take about 50 hairs between your thumb and forefinger and pull gently. Do this in several places. If some hair loosens in the process, this can indicate hair loss.
  2. Excessive sebum production: Anyone who has a very oily scalp can later be prone to hair loss. The overproduction of sebum can cause hair follicles to become clogged and inflamed, hindering normal hair development.
  3. Itching and dandruff: Dandruff is usually just an aesthetic problem. But anyone who also suffers from itching should be examined for a skin fungus. This can also cause hair loss...

If these signs apply to you, have yourself checked by your family doctor or dermatologist. In addition to hereditary hair loss, hair loss can also be caused by nutrient deficiency, infections, autoimmune, thyroid, intestinal, or skin diseases.

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