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What Are The Tips For Healthy Nutrition?


Our subject is nutrition but healthy nutrition..

In our society, almost everyone in our society cannot devote time to their health in a fast business life, in a fast city life, or in thoughts that keep their brains busy in life, even when there is no time to learn to eat in a healthy way, there is stress, stress is very much. Snacks come in to feed our stomach. We feed our stomach somehow "how healthy are we eating?" important, we should talk with you. Come on :)

Sugar, flour and rice.. Yes, pay attention to these three foods, experts say that three of them are as harmful as cigarettes to mark the triggering of lung cancer.

The youngest heart attacks in the world are being experienced in America. In this respect, it is not a surprise news, but the bad side; not only in the elderly or middle-aged heart attacks, but also in the heart seizures of young people in the world have seized the crisis.

Healthy Eating

What does healthy nutrition mean? Is healthy nutrition for everyone healthy eating for me is healthy for Mrs. Maria? Perhaps this question is one of the most difficult questions to answer. When it is called healthy nutrition, there are actually 3 main determinants but there are maybe 33 sub-groups under it.

  1. Qualifications. The first of the three basic elements of healthy nutrition is the principle of eating as much as you need, so what little. Too much to eat is also harmful to be harmful. In general, problems arise more than the need for defeat cases.
  2. Balanced diet concept. So let's eat what we eat there are 3 basic elements. These are protein, fat and carbohydrate. We need to be able to establish our fat, carbohydrate and protein balance so that we can eat healthy. Neither the protein, nor the fat, nor the carbohydrates.
  3. Diversity. We take our protein, carbohydrate, fat, but we always get them from the same source, for example a meal of fish, a meal of eggs, a meal of red meat, it's important. If you take these basic elements from the same source, you may even be sick after a while because you repeat the other micronutrient elements next to it. Considering that you consume fish constantly, you do not have iron in the fish for him to eat red meat, so that you can meet your iron needs. Or you don't have as much omega-3 fish in red meat :) So you need to get protein, oil, carbohydrate from different sources.

These 3 elements are essential for health nutrition, but they are not enough. As we have just mentioned, a healthy diet for you may not be healthy for another person. This may vary depending on gender, age, period etc. factors. For example, nutrition is more important in women during periods of pregnancy or menopause. Even where you live is important. For example, someone living in Antalya and someone living in Agri should have different feeding methods. Because the person who lives in Antalya can meet some of the iron needs by seeing the sun, the citizen living in Ağrı may be deprived of a certain period. Many conditions, such as environmental temperature, humidity, affect people's daily caloric needs. Even if they are all equal, this time you will need to be fed to your budget. Factors factors ..

Let's not forget that you do not consume the fruits you see outside the season. For example, do not pull grapes in winter, eat everything in time :)

In summary, try to consume some kind of food in line with your budget.

Do we have to eat often but little or less?

The most appropriate 3-course meal is the most guarantee for our traditions. Do not mind those who say "frequent snacking, accelerate your metabolism", it has proven to be inaccurate. The right thing is to eat when you are hungry and not to snack.

Is Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Without hesitation, bitter. The bitter bit more expensive, the more painful but the health benefit more. Milk chocolate equals defective chocolate, remember this. There is more redundant oil, more sugar and more harmful substances. It will be healthier not to consume bitter chocolate more than 50 grams a day.

Should we give our children Omega 3 or not?

Let's just give it up in the womb, let's put the omega 3 into maternal vitamins and feed the mothers rich in omega-3. The child's brain, eye, nervous system to develop, to have a nice and beautiful skin needs omega 3.


Black Grapes, Green Grapes Are More Useful?

Definitely black grapes and not necessarily kernels. The chick should be chewed with grapes before it is thrown. In the core of the wisdom :)

Water Is Warm, Cold Is Mumeli?

We should drink the water lukewarm, we should not drink cold, it is a little fun but warm water is better in terms of health. We drink cold water more, when we are thirsty. The reason is the wisdom of Allah; When the cold water is absorbed much faster in the body and already thirsty when our body asks for cold water promptly to resolve the need for water as soon as possible. But it is lukewarm water that keeps us more than thirsty and more suitable to our body.

Is the macaroni healthy?

It's a tough question, but why not? Is the macaroni a bad food? Not a bad food, but not a super food or something. If you cook pasta less, it is more healthy to the tooth. It is healthier if you eat vegetables. If you eat the macaroni with plenty of protein, mince, yogurt, it is healthier but the best thing is that it is healthier if you eat macaroni less :)

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