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Business Outfits: 9 Elegant To Casual Pieces That Should Not Be Missing In The Office


We really want to dress up for the office again. You can find out here which trend items should not be missing and which dress codes are popular in the office.

BUSINESS OUTFITS: 9 Elegant To Casual Pieces That Should Not Be Missing In The Office

Have you planned a few working days in the office for the next few weeks and months and still don't know what to wear? Lately, there has been a lack of motivation to clean up for work and the home office days were often spent in sweatpants and hoodies.

But that's over now because we really want to try out new office styles and present them. So watch out: we have exactly the right business outfits that ensure a stylish office comeback.

Dress code: Elegant to casual

The question “What am I wearing today?” We have certainly all asked ourselves. Most of them have a full wardrobe and yet we are faced with the same challenge over and over again. The good? Dress code rules in the office are interpreted more freely in many industries today than they were a few years ago. We have selected three dress codes that you can use to orient yourself very well.

Business-casual: The business-casual look is the most elegant office dress code. What is the style? It's chic and representative, but not too strict and conservative. Stylish color or pattern mixes or high-quality fabrics such as silk or leather provide a modern twist.

Smart-casual: How to find the perfect smart-casual outfit? Just ask yourself if you would wear the outfit for a customer appointment and later for an after-work drink with your best friend. Smart-casual looks are super stylish, neither too casual nor too formal. Here you can let off steam in fashion - just as we love it.

Casual: Many people are probably familiar with this dress code from Casual Friday. The outfit can look casual and less chic and elegant, but should not lose its neat and stylish character.

Wow factor with a gloss effect

Wow factor with a gloss effect | BUSINESS OUTFITS: 9 Elegant To Casual Pieces That Should Not Be Missing In The Office

Anyone who wants to stand out immediately on their comeback in the office should opt for a statement piece with a wow factor. How about this two-piece, glossy skirt by Marc Cain? The swinging skirt consists of a power supply unit and a lower part with a metallic gloss effect - the perfect eye-catcher.

Styling tip: You can wear the skirt as an all-over look in black or add color accents. With a black shirt, a black jacket, and cool Chelsea boots you create a very cool and at the same time elegant look. Pastel-colored accents such as a shirt and an oversize blazer with matching pumps in pink or mint green make the look warmer and more playful.

Perfect all-rounder

Perfect all-rounder | BUSINESS OUTFITS: 9 Elegant To Casual Pieces That Should Not Be Missing In The Office

You can't go wrong in the business fashion world with a well-fitting dress. Everyone should have this all-rounder in their wardrobe. We fell in love with the long, flowing dress with leopard print by Marc Cain. The length, the colors, and the elastic cuffs are made for everyday office life.

Styling tip: With cool boots and a light sweater or cardigan, the look looks wonderfully casual - the ideal outfit to really feel good. With chic pumps or sandals, the right accessories, and a short jacket or blazer, you can transform your outfit into a smart casual look that is just as suitable for a customer appointment as it is for an after-work drink with your colleague.


Stylish in beige

Stylish in beige | BUSINESS OUTFITS: 9 Elegant To Casual Pieces That Should Not Be Missing In The Office

All-over beige? Yes, please! The trend color is simply predestined for us to wear it from head to toe. Layering and material mix are the keywords here. We found the generously cut double-breasted jacket, the wide trousers with a high waistband, and the handle bag made of vegan leather at Marc Cain. Whether in the complete look or with colored accents - these trend pieces offer the perfect basis for an elegant business outfit.

Styling tip: If you are not into the dress code "Shades of Beige", you can combine the trend color with bright colors such as pink, purple, or a strong green - there are no limits to your fashion imagination. This business outfit is ideal for all the fashion babes out there.

Casual business with stylish highlights

Casual business with stylish highlights | BUSINESS OUTFITS: 9 Elegant To Casual Pieces That Should Not Be Missing In The Office

For those who prefer things casual and cool, this casual business outfit is a hit. So that we maintain a serious touch with this dress code too, we rely on simple colors and high-quality materials. We fell in love with the cashmere wool jacket, the chic wide-leg pants, and the leather college loafers by Marc Cain. Together they create a great casual look with stylish highlights.

Styling tip: When it comes to dressing code casual, we have a lot of room for maneuver in terms of fashion. However, so that the look doesn't look too casual, you can use gold or silver jewelry and an elegant hairstyle for your outfit - how about a sleek ponytail or bun, for example?

One thing is certain, we can't wait for the next Office Day!

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