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Inflamed Pimples: That Helps Super Quickly And Reliably!

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Blemishes and pimples are not a question of age, but rather plague most women beyond their teenage years. On the face, cleavage, or back: pimples in adulthood are often triggered by stress, poor nutrition, hormone fluctuations, or incorrect skincare, which can lead to stewardess disease, for example. Pimples are really common when they stick out on the nose, forehead, and chin on the day of an important appointment and can hardly be concealed. Deep-seated inflammation, in particular, can be very painful and protracted - especially if you don't keep your hands off it. Find out below which are the most effective SOS tricks and what effectively relieves inflamed pimples and allows them to heal quickly.

That helps quickly and reliably against inflamed pimples

That helps quickly and reliably against inflamed pimples | Inflamed Pimples: That Helps Super Quickly And Reliably!

Inflamed pimples: the problem

In contrast to normal blackheads and pimples, these particularly painful variants sit under and not on the surface. The skin is often only slightly reddened and the pimple is not immediately recognizable; Those who are affected, however, feel the deep-seated inflammation as a throbbing and painful area, plus an unpleasant feeling of tension and warmth as typical symptoms. The reason can be clogging of sebum, make-up residues, and sweat, which is relatively deep in the pore, as well as bacterial contamination, sometimes ingrown or only partially plucked hairs trigger the deep inflammation.

Sos help with inflamed pimples


1. Finger way

Do not (never!) Press the deep-seated pimple with your bare fingers - this basic rule now applies even more than it does with superficial pimples and blackheads. Anyone who tries to loosen it from the pore only makes things worse, pushes the inflammation deeper and deeper into the skin, and injures the previously inconspicuous skin surface. Because the pimple is already very deep in the skin and is difficult to reach, the pent-up sebum is distributed deeper and deeper in the tissue and worsens the whole thing. An initially punctiform inflammation then turns into a rather large-scale matter that is all the more painful, plump, and reddened in the skin and takes significantly longer to heal.

2. Systematically quench the inflammation

Specifically: dab the affected skin area several times a day with proven anti-inflammatory agents such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and zinc and in this way literally pull the inflammation out of the pore. Alternatively, tried-and-tested home remedies such as lemon balm, peppermint oil, or an alcohol-based facial tonic also alleviate acute inflammation. Dab in pure form on the pimple selectively, preferably with a cotton swab. Make sure that you only moisten the inflamed area so that the surrounding skin does not dry out or irritate it.

3. Support the healing process

In addition to the antiseptic dabbing of the inflamed pimple, it is advisable to specifically support the healing process. Proven therapies include steam baths with the essences of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, calendula, sage, mint, or lemon balm, as well as gently irradiating the skin with red light - this promotes blood circulation and detoxification of the skin and helps the body to reduce inflammation. Steam baths also open the pores, make the skin soft and supple and loosen the sebum from the pore, also as a preventive treatment for blemished skin.

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