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Rope Pony Tutorial: It'S That Easy To Make The Trend Hairstyle Yourself


Braided pigtails have long had a super bad reputation as a "kid's hairstyle". We wore them, if at all, on vacation on the beach or at Mardi Gras or Carnival when we were out as Pipi Longstocking. The braids are really hip again in 2021! And this time not (only) with children, but also with our grown-ups.

Trendy Rope Pony hairstyle: In the hair tutorial, we show you how to do it easily

Trendy Rope Pony hairstyle: In the hair tutorial, we show you how to do it easily | Rope Pony Tutorial: It's that easy to make the trend hairstyle yourself
Zoe Saldana's twisted braid looks great; With the new trend hairstyle Rope Pony, there are two of them...

The coolest braid variant that we are so excited about today is called the Rope Pony. With the trend hairstyle, however, the braids are not braided as with pee but twisted in with two strands. It looks more elegant than braids and offers a refreshing change. But just as practical: The braids are tight and no strands of the hairstyle get lost.

Rope Pony Tutorial: Create a trendy hairstyle in just 4 steps

If you dare to try the rope pony yourself, you often don't even know what to start with. The trend hairstyle is really easy to create yourself. With the help of a friend, it works even better. But those who are particularly skilled with their hands can do the DIY solo too. All you need are transparent mini hair ties.

Chris Appleton, who - by the way - is responsible for the beautiful hairstyles of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Co., showed on his Instagram channel how easy it is to style the trend hairstyle. In just four steps:

Here you can watch the tutorial for the trend hairstyle:



Step 1:
Use the hair ties to make two braids at your desired height and divide them into two strands each.

Step 2:
Twist the two strands tightly in a clockwise direction.

Step 3:
Wrap the twisted strands around each other counterclockwise.

Step 4:
Secure the braid at the bottom with a see-through hair tie.

That's it: Now the rope pony is already sitting really tight and attracts everyone's attention!

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