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Diy Cosmetics: Make Turmeric Mask Yourself


Soft, smooth, and supple skin in just a few minutes: This is what most face masks from the drugstore promise. But most of the time we don't know exactly which ingredients are in such a moisturizer. One thing is certain: For a homemade turmeric mask we only need the spice, honey, and yoghurt (Turkish Yogurt) - and the effect on our skin is impressive!

Make turmeric mask yourself

Make turmeric mask yourself | DIY cosmetics: Make turmeric mask yourself

Quick and easy to use - these turmeric products are rated very highly

Make turmeric mask yourself | DIY cosmetics: Make turmeric mask yourself

Curcuma extract capsules - comparison winner 2020 * - the curcumin content of ONE capsule corresponds to that of approx. 10,000 mg turmeric. The high-dose capsules made from 95% extract are laboratory-tested and manufactured in Germany.

Make turmeric mask yourself | DIY cosmetics: Make turmeric mask yourself

The vegan Azafran ORGANIC turmeric powder from India is a premium powder and can be used in a value pack of 1 kilo.

DIY cosmetics: Make turmeric mask yourself

When was the last time you used a face mask? It probably wasn't that long ago, right? But do you actually know which ingredients are in such a beauty mask? Preservatives or allergenic pollutants that irritate our skin instead of protecting it. We want to know exactly what we bring our skin into contact with, so we simply make our skincare products ourselves - in a natural way. The key to beautiful skin and a radiant appearance: The Indian spice turmeric! The yellow power root from Asia is a real all-round talent: It strengthens our immune system, ensures well-functioning digestion and stimulates the metabolism, protects against Alzheimer's and improves our memory, but also ensures a radiantly beautiful complexion and supple skin.

Beauty spice: Effect of turmeric

This is why turmeric is so healthy: In India, turmeric has been an elixir for beautiful skin for decades. The golden yellow, ginger-like rhizome is also used to care for hair, teeth and nails. Turmeric, however, promotes blood circulation, has a decongestant and antibacterial effect and anti-inflammatory properties - perfect for sensitive skin! Another plus point: the curcumin contained in turmeric catches cell-damaging and free radicals and can thus be used as a natural anti-aging agent. And this is how you can make a turmeric mask yourself:

Beauty spice: Effect of turmeric | DIY cosmetics: Make turmeric mask yourself

Beauty helper green tea: For drinking, in creams or as a tooth rinse: tea is a perfect beauty elixir.

Recipe: make turmeric mask yourself

Put all the ingredients for the face mask with turmeric in a small bowl and stir everything evenly. Then apply the mask to your face. Now let the skincare act for 10 to 20 minutes. Then wash off with water and dry your face. For a kick of freshness, you can stir some lemon juice into the mask. If you have sensitive skin, however, you should rather avoid vitamin C - the acid could irritate the skin.

Warning: The yellow coloring agent curcumin can stain clothes, towels, or skin. After a turmeric mask, a slightly yellowish tinge can remain on the face. But don't panic, it disappears again after washing it several times.

According to Indian tradition, the turmeric mask is made with ghee, which is clarified butter, and ground turmeric in a ratio of 1: 1. The fat contained in the ghee makes especially dry and blemished skin beautifully supple and soft.


Turmeric face mask: Exfoliate against pimples and acne

You can even peel yourself in a flash and have a healing effect on blemished skin, pimples, and acne. In India, chickpea flour is mixed with turmeric powder and ghee. You can also use a little water, milk, or coconut oil to stir.

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