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Petit Bob Is Probably The Trend Hairstyle For Autumn 2023


Never heard of the Petit Bob? Then it is high time! The trend hairstyle can not only be styled in a variety of ways, but above all, it flatters every face shape.

Petit Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle For Fall 2021

Who is Petit Bob? | Petit Bob Is Probably The Trend Hairstyle For Autumn 2023
Natalie Portman proves: The Petit Bob is a real eye-catcher!

Petit Bob Is Probably The Trend Hairstyle For Autumn 2023
Actress Margot Robbie also loves the trendy petit bob.

The petit bob is something of evergreen among trend hairstyles: No matter whether shoulder-length, super short or with waves - the mini version of the classic bob can be reinterpreted again and again!

Petit Bob: What is the hairstyle?

Do you remember the short bob? In contrast to this asymmetrical haircut, the petit bob is cut blunt to one length. The hair remains the same length both in the front and in the back. Whereby “long” may not be the right choice of words - you should definitely say goodbye to a few centimeters for the petit bob. The perfect hair length? Somewhere between chin and collarbone!

How to style the petit bob?

With the Petit Bob, however, it's not just about length, but also about the right styling. But don't worry, anything goes when it comes to styling. Soft waves create a modern undone look, but the look works just as well with smooth textures. If you like, you can also have a pony cut to match the new trend bob - this also gives it a touch of Parisian chic.

For more volume, you can blow-dry the hair with a round brush, but you can also straighten it with a straightening iron. You can give the bob even more grip with dry shampoo. Hairspray ensures that the petit bob stays in shape all day.


Who is Petit Bob?

Are you one of the very brave ones and want to have a petit bob cut too? Then let's go! Because yes, the petit bob looks as good as almost any woman. Especially if you have a particularly narrow, elongated, heart-shaped, or oval face, the Petit Bob simply looks adorable. The short haircut literally frames the face and makes it look more delicate. Only those who have a rather angular or very round face should refrain from the petit bob. An angular face shape could look even harder with the haircut, with a round face shape the petit bob could appear.

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