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How Often Is Hair Washing Healthy? That'S Really True!

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For 14 percent of Germans, daily hair care with shampoo is part of their beauty routine. But how often is hair washing really good?

How Often Is Hair Washing Healthy? That's Really True!

How often do you wash your hair? Stick to these rules and your mane will thank you!

When is it too little and when is it too much? And is there such a thing as the right measure? The question may sound banal, but almost all of them have asked themselves in the course of their lives: How often is it actually right to wash your hair? Here you can find out what experts recommend from science. (Fancy a change? You can find the hairstyle trends for this winter here.)

How often is hair washing healthy?

There are many instructions and rules, even if general answers are actually forbidden. Not only the hair lengths and styles are too different, but also the hair types, which each require a different treatment. So we are sorry if we have to disappoint you at this point, but a simple number is not enough here. However, one recommendation applies to everyone: A shampoo that is as gentle as possible does little damage and can be used all the more often.

Can you wash your hair every day?

There are now significantly more "gentle" shampoos on the market, for example, natural shampoos that use fewer ingredients that damage the hair. Anyone who has a healthy scalp can safely wash their hair every day with a gentle shampoo. Whew - if we had already clarified that!

What matters is what you feel most comfortable with. Because in order to seriously damage the scalp and hair, you would have to develop compulsory washing or refuse to wash your hair completely. "How often do you wash your hair?" is a question that depends heavily on the individual feeling, which is usually determined by the oil in the hair. (We'll tell you here why you should definitely try scalp peeling.)


Washing hair: tips for every hair type

People with long hair find that their hair is heavier and therefore closer to the scalp. This makes them grease easier. As well as fine hair versus frizzy or curly hair. The personal sebum production in the skin is less, if not at all, related to hair length and more to genetics and hormonal balance.

People whose hair greases quickly tend to wash it every day or at least every other day. It is a widespread mistake that this would lead to hair regreasing even faster - at least as long as a pH-neutral shampoo without oil or silicone is used. (The new look from Jessica Alba - we love the bob!)

Hair breakage: Here you should reduce the number of hair washes

On the other hand, those who suffer from dry skin and hair and may even struggle with hair breakage should consider reducing the number of washes. Frequent hair washing, at least with shampoo, removes fat and the hair becomes even drier.

Try to increase the intervals, for example from every two to every three days. Even with thick and curly hair, a three-day cycle is completely sufficient and sometimes even beneficial to the shine.

Washing hair without shampoo - what alternatives are there?

More and more people want to do without shampoo altogether these days. The movement even has its own name: No Poo. Followers: on the inside, a healthier, more beautiful, and shiny head of hair can be expected from doing without. Washing hair without shampoo and leaving hair greasy - that's the recipe for hair happiness.

But can you only wash your hair with water? Theoretically, the scalp should get used to leaving it out and produce less sebum over time, which would permanently eliminate the problem of greasy hair. In times of lockdowns, hair greasing has become a veritable social media trend.

Dermatology: Inside, however, see this a bit critical: There is no scientific study on the connection between sebum production and hair washing, the sebum glands do not know whether they have already supplied the scalp with sufficient fat and continue to produce as they are used to. Unfortunately, they cannot be educated from a dermatological point of view. (7 Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster.)

Wash hair without shampoo

There are other reasons why the oiliness of skin and hair fluctuates: For example, during puberty, the glands run at full speed, the cause lies in the hormonal balance. The surfactants in the shampoo in particular help to transport the fat away. Too much of it upsets the balance on the head. Itching and eczema or even fungus can result if you naturally have a heavily greasy scalp.

If you have not had good experiences with shampoos, you can also use rye flour, raspberry vinegar, or clay to wash your hair - at least on a trial basis. (Or about apple cider vinegar - we reveal here how it works.) There is a complex and, above all, volatile system on our head, which means that the needs of the hair can change again and again. But we can rely on at least one thing: Once we have found the right product and the right rhythm for washing our hair, this is reflected in the shiny condition of our hair.

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