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Anti-Aging: 7 Tips For Effective Treatments That Make You Look Naturally Beautiful!

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Slowing down the aging process and staying vital, active, and youthfully beautiful into old age, that's what we all want. Especially with regard to the visible changes in the skin - i.e. the formation of lines and wrinkles, increasingly irregular pigmentation, or the loss of elasticity and contour. The selection of skincare textures, cosmetic treatments, professional treatments, and cosmetic surgery methods to counteract all of this is correspondingly diverse. The general goals: to keep the skin texture supple and firm for as long as possible, to plump up wrinkles from the inside out, and to lift slack tissue.

Anti-Aging: 7 Tips For Effective Treatments That Make You Look Naturally Beautiful!
Victoria Beckham has retained her natural beauty and yet she never seems to get older.

Naturally beautiful: 7 tips for professional rejuvenation cures

Despite all the effectiveness of the anti-aging methods, it is essential to find the right level and an optimal dosage in order to maintain the highest possible degree of naturalness. It is essential to avoid artificial or even bizarre treatment results, such as the so-called "duckface" or the "mask effect". If you follow the advice of dermatologists and anti-aging experts below, you will stay youthfully beautiful longer without losing any of its naturalness...

Naturally beautiful: 7 tips for anti-aging measures

1. Pay attention to the health of the skin at an early stage

So don't start with a balanced diet, high sun protection, and skincare and gentle anti-aging treatments tailored to your skin type when the aging of the skin is already visible, but as early as possible! Because already in your mid-twenties, the collagen production and the moisture supply of the skin decrease, which is why it gradually loses suppleness, elasticity, and resistance. Therefore, the diet should be rich in vitamins (especially vitamins C and E are important), provide essential fatty acids, and contain plenty of fluids (1.5 to 2 liters of water or tea are ideal). In addition, the day cream should definitely be supplemented with a high level of sun protection. Professional treatments to improve the skin structure (such as skin boosters or jet peelings) should be part of the beauty program from mid-thirties, but no later than forty.

1. Pay attention to the health of the skin at an early stage | Anti-Aging: 7 Tips For Effective Treatments That Make You Look Naturally Beautiful!
Collagen production already declines in your mid-twenties.


2. Use Skinbooster for plumper skin

Deep moisture, skin booster, or so-called "Profhilo" treatments - they all aim at the same anti-aging effect, namely to boost the skin with moisture, specifically with hyaluronic acid, using a large number of densely placed micro-injections. In this way, lines and wrinkles are plumped up from the inside out and give the skin visible plumper, more youthful appearance. Experts recommend starting two consecutive Skinbooster treatments about four weeks apart; a refresher treatment can then take place after a further 6 months.

3. Jet peelings for a youthful glow

With the so-called jet peeling, the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté is systematically massaged with a cool water-oxygen mixture in circular and stroking movements and under high pressure. This cleanses the skin, stimulates blood circulation, detoxification, and important metabolic and regeneration processes, and alleviates pigmentation disorders, wrinkles, and impurities. A serum applied afterward channels highly concentrated vitamins and anti-aging ingredients deep into the skin and immediately after use ensures a visibly refreshed, more radiant appearance. Best to book every six weeks.

3. Jet peelings for a youthful glow | Anti-Aging: 7 Tips For Effective Treatments That Make You Look Naturally Beautiful!
Expression lines can be smoothed early and sustainably with low-dose Botox injections.

4. Crystal treatment: Microdermabrasion

Another preventive anti-aging method is the so-called microdermabrasion, in which the skin surface is treated, peeled, and removed with ultra-fine crystals via an applicator, which effectively stimulates blood circulation and microcirculation as well as important regeneration processes in the skin and visibly improves and rejuvenates the skin's appearance becomes: Wrinkles appear less deep, pores are refined and the skin tone is visibly rosier and healthier. For long-term effects, experts recommend several consecutive applications about four weeks apart.

5. Small but nice: Mini botox

Almost even more popular than “real” Botox lifts are preventively injected, minimally dosed variants for better control of facial movements so that expression lines cannot dig into the skin in the first place. Because what dermatologists emphasize again and again: an important anti-aging goal is not to let lines and wrinkles turn into deep furrows, which can then only be ironed out of the face with surgical lifts! And because anything that points down looks depressed and grim, Mini-Botox is primarily intended to prevent and smooth frown lines (glabella), to reduce the puckered wrinkles around the lips, and to lift the corners of the mouth.

6. For natural radiance: Eyebrow lifting

Speaking of lifting the corners of the mouth and a positive charisma: Botox injections are not only useful as a real wrinkle treatment. If the minimally dosed Botox injections are targeted along with the eyebrows and/or in between, their muscle-relaxing effect ensures a controlled lifting of the brow line, so that the view opens up as if by magic and the eye area immediately looks brighter and fresher. A subtle rejuvenating effect that (like all minimally invasive and low-dose Botox variants) should be tried out in your mid-thirties or early forties.

7. Timing anti-aging treatments correctly

Gentle professional treatments such as skin booster, jet peelings, and microdermabrasion should be timed optimally throughout the year and alternated with minimally invasive botox treatments in order to prevent deeper wrinkles and a visible loss of elasticity at an early stage. For a professional makeover that promises natural beauty.

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