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A New Hairstyle Makes You Happy - The Right Haircut Increases Well-Being


A new haircut changes not only the look but also the emotional well-being.

The fact that many people have had their haircut cut in the past year is no accident, as haircuts can change our mood and be a catalyst for positive feelings in our lives. Of course, a haircut is not the solution to all of our problems, but we shouldn't underestimate the emotional power it brings.

A New Hairstyle Makes You Happy - The Right Haircut Increases Well-being

We spoke to two experienced psychologists, Elena Dapra and Domingo Delgado, and sociologist Alicia Aradilla to find out why people often feel better when they change their appearance.

A successful haircut makes you happy

Looking good with an easy-care haircut that suits us is especially healthy on an emotional level, according to Dapra. "The good thing about hair is that you can achieve a lot of well-being even with small measures. Haircuts can be a reflection of inner processes of change and, as with a tattoo, it is advisable to first complete the inner process of change before deciding on a motif It's less of a problem to make more impulsive decisions every now and then with a haircut - they eventually grow back, "explains Dapra.

A successful haircut makes you happy | A New Hairstyle Makes You Happy - The Right Haircut Increases Well-being
Just recently, French model Taylor Lashae changed her hair from a long bob to a shorter micro bob.

A new hairstyle increases our self-confidence

Of course, the hairstyle is not the only factor when it comes to increasing our self-confidence, but a new haircut can definitely help us to find ourselves more confident. Yale University has already confirmed that hair can make us more confident and stronger. Elena Dapra also says that the outside is always a reflection of the inside.

"Changing hairstyle or color is the quickest way to look different and when we go through a successful change it acts as a 'quick patch for self-esteem'. Sure, it can make us feel better in the short term, but the effects last This is why we sometimes get addicted to aesthetic changes precisely because of this quick sense of apparent achievement, "warns Domino Delgado. Therefore, outward changes shouldn't become a permanent coping mechanism.

A new hairstyle increases our self-confidence | A New Hairstyle Makes You Happy - The Right Haircut Increases Well-being
Alexa Chung experimented with both new hair colors and different bob hairstyles during the lockdown.

The new hairstyle as a harbinger of inner change

When we talk about hair and emotions, most of the time we cut our hair as a result of an internal change. What is particularly interesting, however, is the thought that, according to Domingo Delgado, change can also be a harbinger of inner change. "Sometimes the big external change comes before we become aware of what is going on inside us, maybe because we are not yet ready to see what we really need," he explains.


Hair is a sociological indicator

Sociologist Alicia Aradilla primarily refers to the sociological character of hair. "Hair can be associated with a multitude of events and at the same time, it can tell us a lot about lifestyle, social relationships, power relations, and identity. Hair was and is an important sociological indicator. For example, it can be a sign of status - of the From male wigs of the English or French court to those still worn in some courtrooms today, they can also be a mechanism of social control - this is how soldiers' hair is shaved - or even a connection to the spiritual world for some social groups.

Hair is a sociological indicator | A New Hairstyle Makes You Happy - The Right Haircut Increases Well-being
Instagram: @vanesalorenzo_

A new hairstyle can mean inner growth

With these words, the model Vanesa Lorenzo explains what it means for her to change her look. "When you've identified with a look for a long time, a change means seeing yourself through different eyes. And you have to be willing to do that. Hair is one of the great 'additions' we can beautify ourselves with. For the courage to cut my hair is associated with a state of maturity, I'm no longer afraid of losing the long-haired look that identified me, and now I feel like doing different hairstyles and from freer state Hair lengths to play".

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