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Detox Effect: This Is How Healing Clay Works On The Skin And Body

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It is supposed to fight pimples, stimulate detoxification and alleviate gastrointestinal complaints: healing earth is one of the oldest natural remedies and has been valued for its special effects for centuries. We explain the external and internal use and present the best products with healing clay for skin and body.

This is how healing earthworks: Naturally beautiful and healthy

This is how healing earthworks: Naturally beautiful and healthy | Detox effect: this is how healing clay works on the skin and body

Healing earth is mineral-rich sediment and is used as a natural remedy and for beauty.

What is healing clay?

Healing earth is obtained from loess, a sedimentary rock that was formed during the Ice Age and is mined in Germany, among other places. The special? Healing earth contains a high proportion of valuable minerals and trace elements. These include, for example, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, selenium, silicic acid, or zinc.

The loess is processed into a fine powder using modern manufacturing processes. This can be used for cosmetic applications, but it can also be taken very finely in combination with water. The granules are also processed into capsules.

What is healing clay? | Detox effect: this is how healing clay works on the skin and body

Healing earth offers many uses: The mineral powder nourishes the skin and alleviates gastrointestinal complaints.

The external application of healing clay

Thanks to the trace elements and minerals, healing earth helps beautiful skin and full hair when used externally. And these are the benefits in detail:


1. Healing clay helps with oily skin and pimples

Whether as a peeling or an anti-pimple mask: healing earth is a natural remedy for oily, blemished skin. It not only nourishes the skin with valuable and antibacterial active ingredients but also absorbs excess skin oil, bacteria, and harmful substances on the face. This prevents blackheads from clogging the pores, dries out pimples, and soothes acne. The complexion appears clearer and refined with each application. A healing earth mask is also recommended for sensitive skin.

And: Of course, the use of healing clay masks is not only suitable on the face - but they are also effective for the skin on the back or décolleté that is prone to blemishes.

There are numerous products for cosmetic treatment (mainly masks) that contain healing earth. Incidentally, face masks with clay and lava earth also have a similar effect.

2. Healing clay against oily hair

Healing clay as a component of shampoos removes excess sebum. At the same time, you prevent a stringy approach, which automatically creates more volume. The hair and scalp are deeply cleaned. With regular use, the time between two hair washes can even be extended.

How do you take healing clay? The inner application

Healing earth is a natural remedy that can be used for various internal complaints due to its special ingredients. It is used either in the form of powder (dissolved in water) or - even more practical - as a capsule. And these are the advantages of taking healing clay for the body:

1. Healing clay relieves heartburn

Heartburn is a burning, stinging sensation in the esophagus. This is caused by acid in the stomach, which flows back into the esophagus and attacks the sensitive mucous membranes there. Healing clay binds excess acid with carbonate salts and can thus alleviate the symptoms in a natural way.

2. Healing clay has a detox effect

Healing clay has a detoxifying effect because it is supposed to bind harmful substances and toxins and guide them out of the body. The remedy also fights free radicals - compounds that attack our cells - and prevents oxidative stress. This in turn protects against diseases and slows down the aging process of the body.

3. Healing earth for gastrointestinal complaints (Healing clay for stomach and intestinal complaints)

Healing earth is also a herbal gastrointestinal remedy that is used, for example, for flatulence, indigestion, and inflammation in the intestines. Natural medicine works like a sponge: the mineral powder absorbs bacteria and pollutants and is excreted together with them. This balances out the sensitive flora of the intestine help with irritable bowel syndrome, acid-related stomach problems, and gets the whole digestion going - without taking any medication. At the same time, the mineral natural product stabilizes the electrolyte balance.

Tip: Fine and small particles have a higher binding capacity because they have a particularly large surface.

4. Healing clay against high cholesterol levels

Healing clay can also be used as a supportive agent for high cholesterol levels. It filters bad cholesterol out of food and helps eliminate it before it gets into the blood and can be deposited in blood vessels. This in turn helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. However, if you have health problems, you should clarify the use of healing clay with your doctor.


How often and how long should you take healing clay?

When using healing clay internally, you should always adhere to the manufacturer's recommended dose and duration, which may vary depending on the treatment. Usually:

Tip: So that the home remedy can develop its full effect, it should be taken regularly and for around three weeks.

Are there any side effects?

Regardless of the application area you use healing earth for - as long as you adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and rely on high-quality powder or healing earth capsules for internal use, there are no known side effects of the natural product.

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