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Concealing The Hairline: This Is How It Works Without Dyeing


Want to cover up your gray hairline without coloring it? It's easy with these three simple tricks.

Concealing the hairline: This is how it works without dyeing

With these three tricks, a hairline can be concealed in no time.

Even if hair salons are currently closed, you no longer need to see your gray hairline in the mirror. Fortunately, there are three ways you can skillfully conceal the roots in no time without having to dye the hair yourself with a drug from the drugstore. And best of all: you already have everything you need at home.

1. Style the approach voluminously

Volume in the hair can make unsightly hairlines disappear in seconds. In most cases, it is sufficient to tease the roots lightly with a comb and then secure them with a little hairspray. Alternatively, a little dry shampoo can help with flat hair and give it hold so that the roots are concealed.

2. Curl your hair

Another way to hide the hairline is to curl the hair. The fine waves in the hair not only provide volume and a fresh swing but also draw attention to yourself and can thus cover up the gray roots. Important: Always use heat protection before using a curling iron to create waves in your mane. As an alternative, you can twist your hair on curlers and let it dry, or twist your hair into small snails for casual beach waves.

3. Use hair accessories

Not in the mood for curls? No problem. You can hide your hairline with beautiful hair accessories such as a headband or headbands. In addition, thick, colorful hair ties or eye-catching hair clips can distract from the gray areas. Simply choose an accessory that you like best and that looks great with your outfit.

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