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Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know


Wearing glasses is a trend. Glasses are no longer just a visual aid, they can also give us a very special charisma. And with a few tips, you can easily find the glasses that fit you perfectly.

Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

41.1 million Germans over the age of 16 wear glasses - most of them due to poor eyesight. But some also wear glasses from a purely fashionable point of view, because glasses have developed from useful accessories to real must-haves in recent years. One thing is certain: wearing glasses is a trend!

The great thing: whether large nerd glasses or rather small, subtle models, frameless glasses, or those with distinctive frames - glasses are available in an infinite number of variants today. And the lenses themselves now come with all sorts of extras, so that the optimal glasses can really be found for every visual requirement.

But how do I find the right glasses in a variety of shapes, colors, and glasses? We'll tell you the most important tips with which you are guaranteed to find the perfect glasses for you.

Tip #1: Know your own needs and area of ​​application

Before you think about the look and fit of glasses, you should first ask yourself when and for what purpose you need glasses. Because glasses are not only available in different designs, but also for different areas of application and needs. And they can be very different from glasses wearer to glasses wearer.

Do you work on the computer all day? Then, for example, you need different glasses than someone who only wants to wear the visual aid for reading or driving a car. Do you work a lot outside and want to wear glasses for sports? Then this should also be taken into account when making your decision.

You should also consider whether you want to wear the visual aid all day or if you rarely use it and prefer to use contact lenses instead. The more detailed your information, the easier it is for the optician to help you find the perfect glasses for you.

Tip #1: Know your own needs and area of ​​application | Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

Keyword: PC work. For those who spend a lot of time in front of the screen, special computer glasses with an integrated blue light filter are suitable. Smartphones, computers, tablets, or televisions as well as LED lights emit short-wave blue light. Whether the radiation is strong enough to damage our retina has not yet been adequately researched. However, it is clear that they lead to eye pain, fatigue, headaches, and poor concentration over a long period of time.

Blue light filter glasses filter out the harmful blue light and prevent it from hitting the eye. This relieves the eyes and prevents health problems.

Tip #2: The right glasses

When it comes to buying new glasses, most people first look around for beautiful frames. But the lenses are much more important than the frame. After all, the choice of the right glasses ultimately determines the quality of vision.

Tip: We recommend that you have the optician align the lenses precisely with the pupils. For this, the distance between the eye and the lens is usually determined, but the inclination of the head when reading and the individual eye movement are also decisive factors. Ideally, the eye should sit exactly in the middle behind the lenses.

Plastic glasses or mineral glasses?

There is now a large variety of lenses with a wide variety of functions. In the past, mainly mineral glass was used, today plastic glasses are used in more than 95 percent of cases. These are hardly fragile and overall lighter, which guarantees a particularly comfortable fit.

The thickness of the lenses ultimately depends on the diopter power and the refractive index of the material.


Eyeglass lenses with different functions

Eyeglass lenses can now do a lot. There are, for example, water-repellent or antistatic coatings or glasses with a chameleon or photochromic lenses. This refers to self-tinting glasses that adapt to different lighting conditions in seconds and brighten or darken them depending on the light intensity. This means that there is no need to switch back and forth between corrective glasses and sunglasses.

For outdoor sports enthusiasts (especially water sports enthusiasts or skiers) and people who work a lot outside, glasses should definitely have a good anti-reflective coating. So-called polarizing glasses catch reflective light and thus mask reflections and disruptive light reflections. Such glasses also make sense for car drivers - for example, to be able to recognize oncoming vehicles faster and better on wet roads.

Eyeglass lenses with different functions | Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

Nowadays, glasses can easily be tried on and ordered virtually. In some cases, you can even have a small selection sent home to try on. This is of course practical and saves going to the optician. Nevertheless, we recommend on-site advice from the specialist staff - especially when it comes to first-time glasses. This will help you with the selection and also determine the optimal readings, lenses, and frames for you in order to find the perfect glasses for you based on your needs.

Tip #3: Which shape of glasses suits me?

The shape of the face plays a big role in whether glasses suit us or not. Depending on whether the face is square, round, or heart-shaped, different shapes of glasses are flattering.

As a rule of thumb, people with round faces should opt for filigree and angular glasses, as round glasses shapes make the face appear wider, while angular face shapes are particularly good with round glasses frames or models with oval lenses. Because they make striking facial features appear softer and more feminine.

In a heart-shaped, triangular face with a narrow chin area, filigree glasses models in oval shape look great. Thick frames in dark colors are less suitable as they can quickly kill the petite face. If you have a trapezoidal face, you should avoid glasses with very narrow lenses and prefer to use frames with accentuated edges or modern cateye glasses. Do you have an oval face? Congratulation! Every shape of glasses suits you.

By the way: Even those who are annoyed about dark circles or the first wrinkles, would rather have a different nose, or would like the facial contour to be a little tighter can move a lot with the right glasses. The accessory can skilfully hide small blemishes and, for example, shorten or lengthen noses or trick away kinks and dark shadows under the eyes.

Tip #3: Which shape of glasses suits me? | Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

Also important: eyebrows, face length, and face width

You don't know what your face shape is? No problem. Most faces are actually mixed forms and often cannot be clearly assigned to a specific shape. We, therefore, advise anyone looking for new glasses to consider not only the shape of the face but also the length and width of the face and the eyebrows.

For example, the top line of the glasses frame should not touch the eyebrows but ideally, adapt to the natural shape of the eyebrows. Means: Straight and angular glasses are more suitable for straight eyebrows, high curved eyebrows or oval shapes are complemented with rather tall, slightly round models, such as cateye glasses. Under no circumstances should the eyebrows disappear completely behind the glasses, but rather be slightly covered by them.

In addition, it should be ensured that the glasses correspond to the width of the face. Ideally, the glasses should line up with the widest part of the face and neither protrude to the right nor to the left. As for the length of the face, the following applies: if you have a long, narrow face or a very high forehead, it is best to use eye-catching glasses with striking frames. Because they visually shorten the face. People with short, broad faces, on the other hand, flatter filigree metal glasses or models with subtle half-rim or browline frames. Even glasses with a gradient that becomes lighter downwards are ideally suited for shorter faces.

Also important: eyebrows, face length, and face width | Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

Tip: The right glasses should not only suit your face, but also your style. This is the only way to really put them on regularly. When trying on different models, you will quickly notice which glasses you really feel comfortable with and which ones suit you.

Would you like to change your type? Perfect. If you want to change your type with just a single accessory, you should use glasses. Glasses can make you look more serious, casual, cool, or even more elegant and self-confident, depending on the model. Glasses with corners and edges convey, for example, seriousness, competence, and determination, while those with round and oval shapes exude softness, emotionality, and empathy.

Tip #4: What color should the glasses be?

The shape of the glasses is fixed. Now the color of the glasses is still missing. Because other colors look particularly good on everyone. Which color suits you best depends on which color type you belong to. There are four different color types: summer type, winter type, spring type, and autumn type. All color types are based on hair color, complexion, and eye color.

For the cool summer and winter type, for example, blonde or ash brown hair with a silver-grayish undertone, a cool skin tone and blue, blue-green, or gray eyes are typical. You are particularly good at glasses in cool colors such as black, gray, silver, or blue.

Spring and autumn types, on the other hand, have a warm complexion with a golden or yellowish undertone and mostly blonde or brown hair with a golden or reddish sheen. They are better suited to glasses in warm colors such as brown, olive green, or gold.

The color of the glasses should not only match your color type, but also your clothes. A pair of glasses in a neutral color can be combined with a particularly large number of outfits. If you use a metal frame, you should choose the same color as your jewelry. Golden frames harmonize with gold jewelry, silver frames with silver jewelry.

Tip #5: Test different models

Filigree and simple, colorful and eye-catching, frameless or with full rim - there is an almost endless selection of glasses. No wonder that many are overwhelmed when buying new glasses.

Our tip: take your time choosing your new glasses and try out different shapes, models, and colors. It is often helpful to take photos of yourself with the different glasses. From this perspective, it is often easier to see whether the selected model fits or not.

Talk to your optician about the design, material, lenses, and price level. Then the optician can put together a pre-selection for you - adapted to your needs and wishes. That definitely makes it a little easier and you save the time to fight your way through the variety of offers.

Tip #5: Test different models | Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

Tip #6: The correct fit of the glasses

Once you have decided on a new model of glasses and have all the important factors to consider, your glasses will usually be made within a week. Once the glasses are ready, you should have them adjusted by your optician on site.

For a comfortable fit, it is important that the temples sit correctly. If the temples are too long and wide, the glasses slip off the face, but if they are too short or sit too tight, they can pinch the ears and temples and lead to headaches. The glasses should also not touch the eyebrows or sit on the cheekbones. Your optician can change both the length and the curvature of the temples afterward.

Tip #6: The correct fit of the glasses | Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

The new visual aid should also not sit on the bridge of the nose. Means: The bridge between the glasses should not press uncomfortably or even painfully on the bridge of the nose or cause unsightly pressure points. The same goes for the nose pads.

By the way: New glasses take some getting used to. So it is not uncommon for the view to appear a little distorted at first. How long it takes to get used to it is very individual. For some, it takes only a few hours or days, for others several weeks. If the problems persist, you should visit your optician.

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