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Messy Bun Instructions: Follow These Steps To Style It Perfectly


It's the perfect everyday hairstyle: the messy bun. On bad hair days or when you just have to be quick, the hairstyle lets you look top-styled in just a few moments. We give you the best instructions for your messy bun.

Messy Bun Instructions: Follow These Steps to Style It Perfectly

As the name suggests, the messy bun looks a bit untidy and chaotic, but at the same time, it also ensures a particularly cool and edgy look. As simple as the braid variant looks, there is a bit of work in a messy bun and so it takes a little practice until the bun works and looks good the first time.

How to make an easy messy bun?

Basically, it is not difficult to style a messy bun. However, you usually have to do it a few times before you get the hang of it. Here it often depends on the hair structure and length. If you follow our 3 steps, you should succeed quickly.

Step 1: High braid

First, you tie your hair, which you ideally washed the last time the day before, into a high ponytail – it is the perfect starting hairstyle. The ponytail doesn't have to be tied tightly or particularly accurately, after all, your hair bun should be messy and less classy at the end! If you're having a hard time tying a high ponytail because your hair is too full or unruly, hold your head down and tie the braid upside down. But the most important thing about this step is: do not comb your hair beforehand! So they have more grip and the result looks nice and casual in the end.

Step 2: First twist, then pluck

In the next step, grab the ends of the ponytail and twist it around its own axis a few times. Then you put it more or less carefully around the hair tie of the ponytail and fix the resulting hair bun with another hair tie. To give your bun a messy touch, pluck individual strands out of the bun and your hairline. While the bun should be tight, your front section of hair can have volume.


Step 3: Bobby Pin your Bun!

So that your messy bun is also presentable at the end, give it the right finish with a few bobby pins. You can simply tuck away unsightly protruding strands and even if the hair bun isn’t messy enough for you, you can simply push it up again in some places with the hair clips. He's done!

Which hair tie for a messy bun?

To protect your hair in the braid, you should use a hair tie without metal for your loose bun. This small part otherwise ensures that the hair could be damaged.

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