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Active Cress Ointment In The [Test]: Experiences 2023


Can natural cress extract help with age spots? More and more users are using Biovolen Active Cress Ointment. We asked make-up artist Johanna, who tested the ointment extensively, how good it really is.

Self-test: how well does active cress ointment work on age spots?

Self-test: how well does active cress ointment work on age spots? | Active cress ointment in the [test]: experiences 2023

Age spots are an annoying issue for many women over 40. The pigment spots are usually completely harmless and only a visual flaw. There are many treatment options, but these are often expensive or have side effects. The active cress ointment from Biovolen seems to be a promising alternative here. We ask make-up artist Johanna, who has tested the cress ointment for us and reports on her experiences, what is behind it.

Hello dear Johanna, you deal a lot professionally and privately with the topic of beauty and cosmetics. What do you pay attention to when choosing cosmetic products?

Johanna: Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in society. It's pretty frightening when you deal more intensively with the ingredients of care products ... what you smeared on your face for years.
In the meantime, I, therefore, pay close attention to natural ingredients when I test a new cream or something similar. I've had good experiences with it, even if it takes some getting used to at the beginning. Experience has shown that the products smell a little different and the feeling when they are applied also differs a little. On the other hand, in the long term, they are much better for the skin than products with a lot of chemicals, silicones, artificial fragrances, etc.

What made you decide to test the Biovolen Active Cress Ointment?

Johanna: Wrinkles and age spots are part of getting older, but it's important to me to look as young as I feel. In particular, I find the increasing age spots on the face annoying, as I need more and more time to cover them with make-up. So I found out what can be done about age spots. However, neither laser treatment nor chemical bleaching creams came into question for me. A friend then drew my attention to the active cress ointment because she had good experiences with it. I was immediately curious. I was immediately convinced that it was a spot-on cream based on natural cosmetics. So I decided to test the active cress ointment.

What was your first impression of the active cress ointment?

Johanna: Unlike some other natural cosmetic products, the cress ointment smells pleasantly subtle. I've read that the manufacturer uses a resource-saving crucible. This is an additional plus point for me, as is the fact that no animal testing is done. You have the feeling that you are not only doing something good for yourself but also for the environment. In addition, the cream is very well absorbed and does not leave an unpleasant film of fat, which is very important to me. I was curious to see if cress could really do something against age spots. I couldn't really imagine it. The velvety feeling on the skin after the first application made me cautiously optimistic.

Self-test: how well does active cress ointment work on age spots? | Active cress ointment in the [test]: experiences 2023

How long did it take you to notice a change?

Johanna: I have to admit that I was a bit impatient at the beginning. Even though it was clear to me that plant-based products naturally take longer to have an effect. But I quickly discovered that the cream almost corrected my complexion and that the skin felt well-moisturized overall. As if some youthful freshness had returned. This experience motivated me to keep trying the cress ointment. With a little patience, however, it turned out that the age spots gradually faded.

What are your long-term experiences with the active cress ointment? Have the age spots decreased?

Johanna: Basically, my skin reacted very well to the cress ointment. Experience has shown that I tend to quickly develop pimples and redness on my face with many products, which surprisingly wasn't the case here. As I said, it took me some time to see a visible change in the age spots. But it pays to be patient! The more time passed in my test, the paler the age spots became. After around 10 weeks, the small spots had disappeared and the larger ones were barely visible. I also think that no new stains have appeared since the start of the test. Overall, my skin looks more even than before.

What is your overall test result? Do you see a real alternative in the active cress ointment?

Johanna: Very good! In the meantime, I have integrated the active cress ointment firmly into my care routine and ordered the second jar. The cream not only convinces with my age spots but also as daily care for mature skin. I don't have to use any other day cream because my skin is optimally nourished thanks to the high-quality ingredients of the cress ointment. My experiences are really exclusively positive and I recommend everyone to try the ointment once and to be patient. I think that it can also be used very well as a preventive measure if the problem with age spots is not so pronounced - so that they do not arise in the first place. The active cress ointment is really a complete package. The fact that chemicals or expensive laser treatment are no longer necessary should really convince.

Would you say that cress is the new trendsetter in combating age spots?

Johanna: The natural effect of cress on age spots has been known for a long time. I am not surprised that it is becoming more and more popular. The active cress ointment combats age spots at their cause and is therefore unique. More and more users have very good experiences, like me in my test.

How does cress extract work on age spots?

Garden cress is not a novelty in the treatment of age spots. It is full of phytochemicals such as sulforaphane and genistein. The cress extract is obtained using a biotechnological process. The active ingredient is liposomally encapsulated and can thus be transported into the affected skin layers and develop its effect there.

Test tube studies have shown that the active ingredient prevents the build-up of skin pigment by interfering with the process of pigment formation. Age spots are also caused by oxidation processes triggered by free radicals. These free radicals can be neutralized by the cress extract and stop the pigment overproduction. Last but not least, according to in-vitro studies, the enzyme that causes the skin pigment to form is also inhibited.
While other lightening agents bleach all areas of the skin, the cress extract only works in the over pigmented areas and can therefore be used holistically without causing stains.

What other ingredients does anti-aging care contain?

The main components of the ointment are vegetable oils such as avocado oil, argan oil, and soybean oil, as well as the extract from garden cress. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E donate additional moisture and ensure a smoothing effect - for radiant, even skin. The active cress ointment is supplemented by substances that are responsible for the consistency, smell, preservation, and supplementary care effect.

The active cress ointment is free from mineral oils, microplastics, and animal additives and is made in Germany.


What do other users think of the active cress ointment?

Not only Johanna tested the Biovolen Active Cress Ointment. Many other women have also spoken on the Internet about their experiences with the skincare cream for age spots. There are also a large number of test and experience reports from users on social media. The experiences made are very different but are mostly positive. Many are thrilled that they have finally found an effective remedy for age spots. The balanced, even skin texture is also rated positively by many testers. The majority, therefore, enjoy the holistic care effect of the active cress ointment.

Where can you buy the original Biovolen Active Cress Ointment cheaply?

The original Biovolen Active Cress Ointment can be found in online pharmacies and stationary pharmacies under PZN -16233396.

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