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Younger Makeup With This Eye Makeup


Nobody really has anything against looking a few years younger. We reveal how to properly make up your eyes to look younger.

Younger Makeup With This Eye Makeup
With the right eye make-up, you can look a few years younger immediately.

Younger Makeup With This Eye Makeup
We reveal what you should pay attention to when applying make-up in order not to look older.

These eye makeup tips will instantly make you look younger

We can influence our appearance a lot by applying make-up. How young or old we come across is also easy to control with the help of make-up, mascara, lipstick, and the like. Above all, however, our eyes determine our radiance, because they are the focus of our face. Therefore, with the right eye makeup, you can easily look a few years younger. We reveal how it works.

Apply concealer skillfully

Dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes quickly make us look tired and aged. On the other hand, the skillful application of concealer helps. Use two different colors. With this technique, you can even out even the darkest circles under your eyes.
First, use a peach-colored concealer as the orange undertone is a complementary color to blue. Then pour over the concealer that matches your skin tone. Your eyes look bright and bright.

Long, curved eyelashes

Especially curved eyelashes remind us of the child pattern and make us appear a few years younger. They make our eyes look bigger and rounder. Use an eyelash curler for this. Before ink, bend your eyelashes as tightly as possible on the lash line and then only apply ink to the upper lashes - this will even cheat away drooping eyelids.


Full eyebrows

The right brow shape also has an impact on how old we look. In fact, thick, bushy eyebrows cheat a few years younger! Narrow, patchy eyebrows, on the other hand, make us look older. So leave a hair or two on the next time you pluck it.

Make eyes bigger

In order to use the children's scheme, we can make our eyes look bigger. You can do this by shading the crease of the eyelid dark - for example with a dark brown eyeshadow. Then put a highlighter under the browbones and in the inner corner of the eye. This is how you contour the eye perfectly and visually make it as large as possible.

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