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Butterfly Haircut Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Try Short Hair


Whether short bob, a pixie cut, or collarbone shag: As different as the hairstyle trends are, they all have one thing in common: their short length. Because most of the haircuts that are now considered to be particularly popular only play around the shoulders and thus reflect the ongoing megatrend towards short hair. But as modern as these short hairstyles are, it is not always easy to say goodbye to several centimeters of hair. Especially if you have let them grow over the years. That's where the new hairstyle trend Butterfly Haircut comes in: it's ideal for anyone who wants to try out short hair but doesn't want to take too many risks.

Butterfly Haircut is Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Try Short Hair
Nice and easy: The butterfly haircut is a new hairstyle trend in which the hair falls loosely in layers over the shoulder. (Givenchy Spring/Summer 2022)

Hairstyle trend: Butterfly haircut simulates short hair

Anyone who is flirting with bob hairstyles and the like, but would like to gradually approach the short haircuts, can rely on the new hairstyle trend called Butterfly Haircut in autumn 2021. This is a layered haircut that is characterized by many sophisticated layers on top of the head, with the shortest section playing around the chin. The lengths – which may reach up to the chest – are also gently graduated in order to create a harmonious overall look.

The special detail? With the butterfly haircut, the levels are cut in such a way that the top hair and the lengths can be divided into two parts. The lengths can then be pinned up at the nape of the neck with bobby pins and “hidden” under the tiers of top hair. It already looks like wearing your hair shoulder-length. It is therefore ideal for testing a short hair length and getting used to it before actually using the professional scissors.

Hairstyle trend: Butterfly haircut simulates short hair | Butterfly Haircut is Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Try Short Hair
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Butterfly Haircut: This is how you style the new hairstyle trend

The butterfly haircut looks super elegant when worn open because the different layers give long hair movement, fresh momentum, and lots of volumes. The haircut harmonizes particularly well with gentle waves, which are worked into the hair with straightening iron, for example, but can also be styled very straight. For a nice swing in the hair, we tweak the shortest layer outwards with a hairdryer and a round brush.

On the other hand, if you want to test the special effect of the hairstyle, gather the lengths at the nape of the neck with hair clips and drape the top hair over them. Alternatively, you can wear your hair in a ponytail and casually let the layers on top of your head fall out.

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