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Why We All Love The Golden Peach Hair Color Trend This Spring?


This new hair color trend is just perfect for the mild season: "Golden Peach". We'll tell you what's behind the color and who it looks best on.

Why We All Love the Golden Peach Hair Color Trend This Spring?

We are finally fed up with desolation after the winter. And that's why we're even more excited about this color-intensive hair color trend. We are talking about the tone "Golden Peach". Similar to the "Flannel Hair", orange nuances are also evident here, but this time mixed with a light rosé touch.

Why We All Love the Golden Peach Hair Color Trend This Spring?
Instagram: @lottietomlinson

Hair color trend "Golden Peach": This is how the look works

The hair color "Golden Peach" is an orange pastel shade that gives your hair a fruity nuance. But it's less about a bold look like the "Tequila Sunrise" hair color trend and more about a soft peach touch. In most cases, the hair is only tinted instead of dyed or treated with a color mask - with every hair wash, a slightly different look is created. Because toner is easily applied, you can easily create Golden Peach hair color at home. If you are unsure, it is better to consult a professional.

By the way: With the “Golden Peach” trend, you can leave out the dark roots. This gives the look an even cooler touch.

Hair color trend `Golden Peach`: This is how the look works | Why We All Love the Golden Peach Hair Color Trend This Spring?
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Who does the Golden Peach hair color trend suit?

The orange pastel shade is ideal for blond or light brown hair, as this is where it leaves the most beautiful effect. Darker hair nuances cannot accept the tint without bleaching. In this case, a more complex procedure would be necessary, which demands a lot from your hair. Basically, the shade also looks beautiful on darker types. Here, however, the help of a hairdresser is required in any case.

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