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Find Out Why We Lose More Hair In The Fall


It is a fact and no one escapes it. As soon as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder our hair falls out in handfuls. Like the reddish leaves of autumn, our precious hair seems to be getting a facelift, but it is far from being.

Find Out Why We Lose More Hair In The Fall

Hair in the shower, on her brand new sweater, or in bundles on the hairbrush. Stress, cold, bad hair treatment? What can cause our hair to fall apart when fall arrives?

100 hairs less per day

First of all, during the summer, sun, light, and UV influence our hormone production which has boosted the growth of our hair. The problem, like a plant that gets robbed of light, with less sunlight, dropping temperatures, and humidity set in, the hormones are not happy. These weather changes cause hormonal variations that directly impact the hair cycle. As a result, the hair pulls out of the scalp in a very short time, usually 4 to 6 weeks around October-November. Even worse when stress is on, hair loss can be multiplied by 2 or even 4.

What to do against this seasonal hair loss?

Already, you should know that the hair that falls out is already dead for a long time. The hair treatments to be performed will not have an impact on hair loss but on hair regrowth. So next year, be sure to start treatment three months before fall either as a lotion or as a dietary supplement. As for the current problem, stock up on vitamin D, vitamin B, zinc, and iron with supplements in the form of a cure but also seasonal fruits and vegetables (bananas, spinach, green beans…). Care level, we do not skimp on keratin-based products to strengthen the hair fiber and vegetable oils for shiny and resistant hair.

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