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Beautiful Hair Overnight? 7 Tips That Work


Who does not know the morning messy look? The hair stands up like straw, and there is hardly any way for a comb and brush to get through. Does not have to be! We know seven tips that can transform your hair into a dream mane overnight.

Beautiful Hair Overnight? 7 Tips That Work
Waking up in the morning disheveled? Does not have to be! Who has tips for beautiful hair overnight?

To bed with dry hair

Never, never, never go to bed with your hair loose and wet! Why not? Hair is more sensitive when wet, rubbing it on the pillow while sleeping can lead to split ends and hair breakage. If you wash your hair in the evening, you should plan enough time to blow-dry it or let it dry. But then definitely think about the heat protection! Braid the slightly damp hair into a loose ponytail to protect against split ends, making sure to use a soft ponytail tie. Beautiful hair overnight - it's that easy!

Leave the hair mask on overnight

The only exception that justifies wet hair while sleeping is hair care. Overnight, masks, treatments, and the like have plenty of time to work deeply into the hair. Here either leave-in care can be used or a treatment that is washed out in the morning. Distribute the product generously in the hair and then wrap the wet hair loosely in a microfiber towel or braid it and you can look forward to a fantastically shiny mane when you wake up.

Beautiful hair overnight - plopping

Speaking of microfiber towels, there's a great overnight curls trick you can do with them: plopping. Freshly washed hair is wrapped in a microfiber cloth or a cotton shirt, where it transforms into beautifully defined ringlets overnight.

Sleep with your hair done

If you sleep with your hair loose, you run the risk of the hair being roughened on the pillow surface or, in the worst case, even breaking off. Dry hair is, therefore, best protected in two ways when sleeping: the loosely twisted bun or a braid. Both variants protect the hair from breaking because they do not rub individually over the pillow. You can also conjure up waves in your hair this way. The tighter the braid or bun, the curlier the curls become and the more volume the hair has. But beware! Both hairstyles should not be too tight to prevent hair breakage overnight.


Use gentle hair bands

In general and therefore also for sleeping: If you want to protect your hair, you should avoid hair ties and clips with metal parts. Tie a bun or braid overnight, then use a scrunchie or a silk or velvet headband without a metal insert to secure the hairstyle.

Lay your head on silk

Protect your skin and hair with your choice of bed linen. Cotton, linen, and co. are often too rough for sensitive hair and put additional strain on them. Smooth silk is gentler. If you don't want to change all your pillowcases, a sleeping cap or a silk scarf is enough to have a nice mane in the morning.

Dry shampoo against greasy roots

Dry shampoo is the panacea for those who don't want to wash their hair every day. Applied to oily roots before bed, the dry shampoo will soak up sebum overnight and you'll wake up with oil-free roots. The same also works with baby powder. Short hair in particular is flattened overnight and quickly becomes greasy. With a little baby powder on the roots, you wake up in the morning with volume and freshly washed roots.

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