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Gigi Hadid Surprises (Again) With A New Extreme Hair Transformation


Supermodel Gigi Hadid is known for starting hair trends - and now she may have started another one with this new color.

Gigi Hadid Surprises (Again) with A New Extreme Hair Transformation

After fashion month at the airport, model Gigi Hadid surprises with new, extreme hair color.

As the rest of the world has been banging on the red hair trend lately, Gigi Hadid (the woman who started the trend in the first place - we remember the copper-colored head of hair she wore last season at the Versace -Show presented) now in a whole new, surprising shade.

Gigi Hadid Surprises (Again) with A New Extreme Hair Transformation

After a busy month in fashion, the model landed at New York's JFK airport on Wednesday, showing off her newly dyed hair in an icy platinum blonde. She previously wore a dirty blonde, but now her new shade was particularly bright as she strolled through the airport in an all-black ensemble after her flight.

This should be considered when caring for platinum blonde hair

It's the lightest hair color she's ever had. Achieving an almost white blonde like this is no easy task – even if you're already naturally light-haired. Many professional hair stylists now use a bond-building hair care product, such as Olaplex, to mitigate the damage caused by bleaching.

Another thing Hadid should be aware of is that bleached hair is typically more porous and prone to breakage. Regular use of a strengthening hair mask can therefore help keep hair shiny, strong, and as manageable as possible.

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