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Beautiful Long Hair! In This Way You Can Specifically Promote Your Hair Growth


Full, healthy, and long hair without frizz and split ends - many women dream of it. The hair should grow as quickly as possible. Many products promise to accelerate hair growth and even double the speed at which hair grows. Unfortunately, these are just empty promises. Because hair growth is genetically determined and individual for each person. The general rule is: scalp hair grows about one to one and a half centimeters per month. In the year that is 12 to 15 centimeters. Every two to six years it renews and falls out so that new hair is formed.

Beautiful Long Hair! In This Way You Can Specifically Promote Your Hair Growth
There is definitely something you can do for long hair: These (care) tips promote hair growth! (Aigner, spring/summer 2016).

Do you want long hair? In this way, hair growth can still be promoted in a targeted manner

Hair growth cannot be accelerated, but you can care for your hair in a targeted manner, avoid hair breakage and supply the body with the right nutrients for healthy hair. These are the five tips for healthy, long hair:

1. With a healthy lifestyle for long hair

It is not for nothing that they say “you are what you eat”! The more balanced you eat and the less stressful you live, the healthier your body and thus also your skin, nails, and hair. The latter consists of around 90 percent keratin, a fiber protein. The elasticity and resilience of hair depend on how intact the keratin fiber stem is. Since keratin is made from proteins by our body, we should ensure that we have an adequate protein intake. Vegetable proteins are to be preferred because animal proteins are metabolized acidic and over-acidification of the body can lead to hair loss.

1. With a healthy lifestyle for long hair | Beautiful Long Hair! In This Way You Can Specifically Promote Your Hair Growth

2. Hair loss due to the pill?

Anyone who suffers from severe hair loss should have their contraceptive checked because some hormones can have an androgenic effect for years. Iron deficiency can also be a cause of alopecia (hair loss). If so, iron-rich foods like green salads, dark green leafy vegetables or nuts, and iron supplements can help meet your daily needs.


3. Beauty comes through the stomach

Biotin is often cited as a miracle cure for skin, hair, and nails. The effect of this substance has not been scientifically proven. The so-called vitamin B7 contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, as it affects the formation of new hair roots. However, additional intake of biotin as a dietary supplement cannot improve the hair structure. Instead, you should make sure you get enough nutrients such as biotin, zinc, iron, and vitamins E, A, and D through a natural diet.

These plant-based foods are particularly rich in minerals and vitamins for healthy hair:

These plant-based foods are particularly rich in minerals and vitamins for healthy hair: | Beautiful Long Hair! In This Way You Can Specifically Promote Your Hair Growth

4. Head massages promote blood circulation

Long hair from massages? At least if hair loss occurs as a result of stress, a scalp massage can help. The Ayurveda head massage is particularly recommended. The healing art, which is over 5000 years old and originated in India, means something like "The Science of Life". An oil massage improves the oxygen supply and blood flow to the scalp so that the supply of nutrients to the hair roots is increased. The hair grows back stronger and hair loss is prevented. The best way to do this is to use safflower oil, argan oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. The massage should last several minutes.


  1. Begin to massage the head with stroking movements and gentle pressure from the forehead backward over the entire head. A bit like combing your hair.
  2. Now make circular movements on the scalp, as if you were distributing shampoo through your hair.
  3. Finally, go over your head with spread fingers and pressure. Place your thumbs behind your ears and your fingers on the hairline.
  4. You can also use massage tools instead of your fingers.

5. Proper care protects against hair breakage

Stressed, dry hair is much more prone to break off. To avoid hair breakage, you should proceed as gently as possible: wash as little as possible, just brush gently, and dry with a soft microfiber towel. Leave-in conditioner helps detangle the hair. And when you sleep, pillows made of silk and certain hairstyles protect your hair, such as loose braided hairstyles.

Particularly important: a lot of care! This works with hair treatments or masks with active ingredients such as keratin. Argan oil also provides moisture and makes the hair more resistant. But be careful - many care products contain silicones that wrap around the hair like a film and dry it out. Just as with sulfates, the following applies here: hands off!

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