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4 Best Care Tips For Gray Hair


Whether colored or natural. Nobody has to hide gray hair anymore. Because they have long been a trend. Proper care is essential to keep gray hair beautiful. We reveal the 4 best tips including products for shiny and healthy hair.

4 Best Care Tips For Gray Hair
Gray hair no longer needs to be hidden.

4 Best Care Tips For Gray Hair
Whether natural or colored. The gray mane has long been a trend!

4 Best Care Tips For Gray Hair
Whether yellowish, lack of shine, or brittle and dry strands. These 3 tricks make gray hair really beautiful!

In the past, gray hair has not had an easy time of it. If you spread your head, the route usually led very quickly to the trusted hairdresser. Fortunately, things have changed now. More and more women refrain from coloring their hair and wear their gray mane with pride.

More and more stars are also letting nature run free. Actress and model Andie MacDowell, for example, appeared at the international film festival in Cannes in 2021 not with a colored mane, but with a gray mane. Sure, Mrs. MacDowell has a bevy of stylists around her who make her hair look perfect. But you too can make your gray hair shine with the right care.

1. Care tip for gray hair: Rely on rich care products

Gray hair is usually a bit more stubborn and drier than normal hair. In order to avoid the dreaded straw head effect, you should make sure to use shampoos and care products that are sufficiently nourishing when caring for your gray hair. Hair treatments with keratin, rich masks, and hair oils, in particular, can tame the hair and make it look well-groomed afterwards.

2. Care tip for gray hair: Use silver shampoo

Sometimes even the most well-groomed gray mane looks dull and lackluster. Silver shampoos can help add shine and glow to your gray hair. You can also remove unsightly color casts (e.g. a yellow cast) from the hair. You should use the silver shampoo once or twice a week. Be patient It takes a little before the desired effect is visible. A care range that is specially tailored to gray hair can also beautify the gray mane.

3. Care tip for gray hair: Eat yourself well

Yes, you read that right. Because for beautiful hair you can do a lot not only from the outside but also from the inside. Broccoli, lettuce, Swiss chard, and spinach are rich in folic acid, iron and vitamin C. Folic acid in particular stimulates hair growth and makes the mane shine. Biotin in soybeans, egg yolks, and oatmeal strengthens it, protects against hair loss, and promotes shine. Enough reasons to have the food on the menu more often.


4. Care tip for gray hair: Use treatments and tonics

Not only gray hair is much drier in terms of texture, the same often applies to the scalp. The dry scalp is often accompanied by dandruff and itching. To soothe and care for the irritated scalp, you can use hair oils or special products for the scalp, for example.

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