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Long Hair? These 7 Mistakes Prevent Hair Growth!


Absolute eye-catcher at this year's Haute Couture Show in Paris? The rapunzel-long, straight hair with which Valentino's models strode purposefully down the runway. A symbol of how beautifully long, well-groomed hair can actually look. But how can it be that our own hair breaks off at shoulder or chest height at the latest, becomes brittle, and splits? The triggers are mostly styling and care errors that prevent hair growth. The good news: if you see through the mistakes in your hair care routine and change them accordingly, you will be rewarded with strong, well-groomed hair in the end.

Long hair? These 7 Mistakes Prevent Hair Growth!
Long hair at last? Then you should avoid these mistakes in care and styling! (Bella Hadid backstage at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, spring/summer 2019)...

Long hair? These 7 Mistakes Prevent Hair Growth!
Long hair? These 7 Mistakes Prevent Hair Growth!
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7 mistakes that stunt hair growth and thus prevent long hair

Mistake 1: You are not using top-quality fluid

If you want to grow your hair specifically, you should definitely adapt your care routine. Because now it is unfortunately no longer enough to shampoo your hair, apply a conditioner and a hair mask once a week. The hair needs more attention. A high-quality and moisturizing hair serum (for fine hair) or nutritious hair oil (for thick, strong hair) is essential. Both are kneaded into the towel-dried tips before blow-drying. The hair is supplied with valuable nutrients using specially mixed active ingredients such as vitamins, nut oils, silk, and ceramides.

Mistake 2: the choice of brush damages the hair

If you use the wrong hairbrush, you will destroy your hair in the long term. After all, it is the tool that we use most often in everyday use. What should be considered when buying? On high-quality bristles that have an antistatic effect. Because the following applies: the rougher the bristle heads, the more the cuticle is damaged. But it is even more important to remember not to use the normal brush on wet hair. A wet brush like a Tangle Teezer helps to gently detangle the hair.


Mistake 3: The body shows signs of deficiency

Brittle nails and brittle, dull hair are often an indication of a deficiency in the body. However, these are usually recognized much too late. A blood test by the family doctor: provides information about the body's own nutrient, vitamin, and mineral balance. Regular checks are particularly useful for vegetarians and vegans. The following values are particularly important for beautiful, strong hair: vitamin D, vitamin B12, biotin, iron, zinc, and selenium. Together they contribute to the maintenance of healthy nails and hair, as well as to the maintenance of a healthy thyroid. Special dietary supplements can help.

Mistake 4: You are not using an activating serum

To stimulate healthy growth, the scalp and hair require extra care. Support is provided by a special activating serum, which is applied evenly to the cleaned, towel-dried hairline at a distance of about five centimeters. Then the serum is gently massaged into the scalp with the fingertips. With the product, the hair growth phase is extended, while in turn, hair loss is delayed. This ensures full, strong, and healthy long hair in the long term.

Mistake 5: The hair has no protection against environmental influences

Often the hair is damaged from the outside without noticing it because the process is insidious. If you often expose your hair to UV rays in summer, for example, it dries out and split ends form. A spray with valuable care substances and plant extracts helps here, which strengthens the ends of the hair and wraps itself around the hair like a weightless protective coat, protecting it from environmental influences.

Mistake 6: You are using a cheap straightening iron

It is said that heat tools can cause lasting damage to hair. However, only if an inferior product is used and there is no heat protection. When using straightening irons, the following applies: it's better to dig deeper into your pocket and invest in high-quality technology. Because that benefits the hair. The products guarantee, among other things, an optimal styling temperature of 185º Celsius and have heat sensors that ensure even heat distribution over the plates.

Mistake 7: You spray perfume in your hair

About 80 to 90 percent of perfumes are made up of alcohol. If you spray your favorite scent into your hair frequently, you run the risk of the alcohol drawing additional moisture from your hair and drying it out over the long term. Special hair perfumes are better. Instead of alcohol, these contain much more water and nourishing components such as camellia and argan oil, or hyaluronic acid.

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