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Argan Oil For The Hair: This Is How It Provides Shine And Suppleness


Natural care products without hidden ingredients are becoming more and more popular and have long been able to keep up with expensive cosmetics from perfumery. Argan oil is one of the top products on a natural basis. Find out here how to best use the oil.

Haircare plays a major role, especially at a time when visits to the hairdresser are particularly rare. If you want healthy-looking, shiny hair, you should do an extra care program every now and then in addition to shampooing. Because only a mane that is supplied with a lot of moisture from inside and outside can shine healthily and remain beautifully supple in the long term.

Argan oil for the hair: This is how it provides shine and suppleness

In addition to special hair care products, you can also use natural beauty aids. Usually, these are real all-around talents who are good for both skin and hair. A popular beauty booster is argan oil. It brings with it a whole range of valuable ingredients that make our complexion shine and ensure well-groomed, healthy-looking hair.

Here you can find out how argan oil can be used on your hair to keep it shiny and supple for a long time, even without a visit to the hairdresser.

What is argan oil anyway?

Moroccan argan oil is extracted from the fruits of argan trees and has been used for thousands of years. The fruits of argania are reminiscent of very small lemons and have a bitter taste. The oil is in the core of the fruit.

For about one liter of the "liquid gold", a whopping 30 kilos of the fruit are needed, which is why the Moroccan government has prescribed protection of the trees. Since then, only fruits of the trees that have fallen on the ground may be used for further processing.

What is argan oil anyway? | Argan oil for the hair: This is how it provides shine and suppleness

Argan oil for hair: this is how it works

Argan oil owes its many positive properties on skin and hair to its valuable ingredients. The oil is particularly rich in vitamin E and also contains alpha-linolenic acid, carotenoids, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In addition, there are ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties such as quercetin and flavonoids.

Vitamin E accelerates natural hair growth, prevents hair loss, and ensures overall stronger hair. Alpha-linoleic acid keeps the hair elastic and beautifully supple and prevents the hair from breaking. The ingredient carotenoid protects the mane from moisture loss due to UV rays.

The omega fatty acids contained have an antioxidant effect and protect skin and hair from harmful free radicals. Flavonoids and the active ingredient quercetin have anti-inflammatory effects. They bring the scalp into balance and prevent dandruff and fungal infections on the skin.

What hair problems does argan oil help against?

Thanks to the composition of its special ingredients, argan oil can be used for very different hair needs and is therefore also suitable for different hair types. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, the oil is ideal for balancing a dry, flaky, but also oily scalp. Itching can also be relieved with the oil.

Argan oil, on the other hand, gives dull, limp hair a new shine and strengthens it. The oil supplies dry and brittle hair with plenty of moisture and makes it soft and silky.


This is how argan oil balances the scalp

Anyone struggling with a very dry, flaky, or oily scalp can use argan oil perfectly as an additional care product. Simply put a few drops of the oil on the scalp before washing and massage it gently with your fingers. After a few minutes of exposure time, the hair can be washed as usual.

Tip: For a more intense effect, you can simply increase the exposure time a little and leave the oil on the scalp longer before washing your hair.

How to use argan oil against split ends and brittle ends?

Argan oil can be used like leave-in care for dry, split ends. Simply rub a few drops of the oil between your palms before it dries and then gently run your hands through the lengths. You can add a little more oil to very brittle tips. The hair can then be styled as usual.

Extra tip against dry hair in summer: after blow-drying, spread some argan oil over the entire hair with the palms of your hands. This protects your mane from UV rays on sunny days, which makes it dry out faster.

How to use argan oil against split ends and brittle ends? | Argan oil for the hair: This is how it provides shine and suppleness

By the way: Your hairstyle overnight can also lead to split ends and hair breakage.

This is how argan oil helps with very dry hair

Your hair is extremely dry and needs intensive moisturizing? Then you can easily use argan oil as a hair treatment. To do this, the oil is applied to towel-dried hair and rinsed out again after about 10 minutes of exposure. If you don't have time in the shower in the morning, the oil can also be used as an overnight mask. Simply distribute a few drops of argan oil in your hair and leave it on overnight.

Argan oil: you should pay attention to this when buying

If you want to use argan oil for the care of skin and hair, it is best to use cold-pressed oil, as this production method retains a high proportion of its nourishing active ingredients. Also check whether it is 100 percent pure argan oil, which is the best of organic quality.

One last important thing: The subject of hair care is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips we have described with argan oil work for you. If you have persistent hair or scalp problems, it may be advisable to see a skin specialist.

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