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4 Most Uncomplicated Hairstyles For Women Over 50


The right hairstyle gives shape to the face and can even make you look younger. Those who like things quick and easy can fall back on these flattering cuts.

4 Most Uncomplicated Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Actress Sandra Bullock (57) shows that a great hairstyle does not have to be complicated.

Don't like spending hours in the bathroom styling your hair in the morning? Absolutely understandable! That's why we've put together the four most beautiful, uncomplicated hairstyles for you here, which look particularly good on women over 50. Let yourself be inspired:

Long bangs

Long bangs | 4 Most Uncomplicated Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Long, layered bangs flatter every woman.

Longer bangs - such as bottleneck bangs - are a great choice for women over 50. Not only does this make the face appear softer (which also makes it look younger), it also skillfully hides wrinkles and lines on and around the forehead Eyes. Choose bangs that are slightly longer on the sides and flow smoothly into the rest of the hair. The layers play and frame the face, creating a relaxed and easy look. In addition, the fringe can also easily grow out by dividing it into the sides.


Pixie | 4 Most Uncomplicated Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Instagram: @halleberry

Courage is definitely rewarded here because anyone who dares to try the short pixie cut will not regret it. First of all, it naturally emphasizes the cheekbones and makes the face appear particularly elegant. The cut is very versatile and always looks chic, although it requires very little styling effort. A little styling cream is enough to bring the pixie into shape. He can look a little wilder, which ensures a casual look and makes him look younger. The pixie looks best on women over 50 if the sides are not too short and the top hair is left a little longer.


Shag | 4 Most Uncomplicated Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Actress Meg Ryan (60) has been loyal to the shag for years.

Heavily layered cuts have been back for a while and the beauty is: they suit women of all ages. It also doesn't require a lot of hair, which is especially useful when hair naturally thins with age. If you still have a lot of hair, you can get a fresher and airier look with a shag or wolf cut. The step cuts offer a lot of styling freedom. You can wear them curly or straight, they will always look modern yet flattering.


Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob | 4 Most Uncomplicated Hairstyles for Women Over 50
The hair of actress Cate Blanchett (52) also looks much fuller thanks to the blunt bob.

The blunt bob has also long been one of the favorite cuts of stars, young and old. It is extremely easy to care for and, thanks to its blunt-cut tips, provides more volume and fullness. Combine the bob hairstyle with layers around the face; it loosens it up a bit and flatters the face very nicely.

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