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Itchy Skin In Winter


Icy temperatures and overheated rooms are pure stress for our skin. It is tight and itchy and can cause us a lot of trouble. With our 3-point plan, you will get through the cold season well!

What you can do about dry and itchy skin in winter?

What you can do about dry and itchy skin in winter? | Itchy skin in winter

Right body care for itchy skin

A hot shower now? If we are frozen through in winter, this is certainly good. Well warmed up, you can also face impending colds and, with a little luck, avert them. However, hot showers and baths are stressful for the skin because the skin is very dehydrated. This can cause it to scab and itch in places. Therefore, these should not take longer than 15 minutes and a temperature not exceed 39 degrees. In the winter time, moisturizing, PH-neutral oil and cream showers are recommended because they protect against drying out while showering. Plus point: Those who don't like to get into their clothes with fresh cream still care for their skin. Then postpone the application to the evening. Incidentally, too hot showers also affect the scalp to a particularly high degree!

Otherwise, rich products for dry or extra dry skin, body butters, or drying oils are now a good choice. Drying oils are applied to the slightly damp skin - they are quickly absorbed without becoming greasy. Small amounts are already sufficient to provide extensive care for the body.

What you should now consider when cleaning your face?

Less is more is the motto! Those who are used to subjecting their skin to regular deep cleansing procedures should hold back a little now. In addition to the stress of the weather, your skin does not need any cleaning stress at the moment. Allow her as many recovery phases as possible - this is the only way to avoid redness, irritation, and hypersensitivity!

That means: In the morning, a mild facial toner is enough to remove the light film of oil and refresh the skin. If you have oily skin, you can still use your usual toner with a little alcohol: If in doubt, use an alcohol-free product now or ask your dermatologist. In the evening you can use your usual facial cleanser or cleanser to wash off the makeup. You should now do without peeling or use only limited gentle products.


Itchy skin? What creams your face needs now

The moisturizer that you use in summer is suddenly no longer enough? No wonder, because facial care also has to be changed over to the cold season. Now water-in-oil emulsions are needed - these are richer than oil-in-water compounds and provide the skin with more oil. The skin of the face, in particular, suffers from the constant temperature change in winter, because it is most exposed to the weather. It is restless, tends to redden and even oily skin types complain of dry spots. To prevent irritated and itchy skin, you should therefore prevent it with rich creams. However, people with oily skin prone to acne should rather apply lotion more often than clog their pores with fatty products.

Itchy skin? What creams your face needs now | Itchy skin in winter
The Kalahari Melon Oil Blend from Elewa is the ideal facial care for dry, demanding skin. It pampers you with valuable Kalahari melon seed oil and baobab oil - for regenerated skin!

Make sure that your daycare contains sunscreen. When the weather is great in winter and we are happy about a blue sky and bright sun, the skin wants to be protected. It doesn't matter whether the temperature is below zero. It should be as unencumbered as possible so that the already stressed skin is not irritated even more. Avoid using products with parabens, perfume, etc. if possible.

No UV filter is required for night care. This is usually richer than day care - how many extras in ingredients you can tolerate currently depends solely on the overall condition and sensitivity. You can of course apply your serums as usual under the care product. Tip: Face oils make the skin wonderfully smooth and supple. Simply mix a few drops of it with your day and night care or work one or two drops onto your face at the end. If you want to treat yourself to a little extra, you can now care for your skin with care masks that moisturize and soothe.

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