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Ash Blonde: Everything You Need To Know Before Adopting It


Slightly tending to gray, ash blonde is a tone of blonde that is gaining more and more popularity, as it is more subdued than a Californian or platinum blonde. However, it quickly tends to dull certain skin tones. You must therefore pay attention to certain factors when you want to switch to this coloring, and in particular its maintenance. We will explain everything to you.

Ash Blonde: Everything You Need To Know Before Adopting It

Ash blonde is the trendy and timeless color par excellence. Each year, it returns to the front of the stage. This cool shade of blonde stands out. Here, we are far from luminous blondes as for Californian or platinum. It will then not bring light to the complexion and will therefore be more complicated to wear on certain types of skin. But it will immediately make you look more distinguished. You should know that natural ash blonde is quite rare and is much more elegant than coloring. In general, ash-blonde gives a fairly natural effect, far from the classic bleached blonde which is less and less done. More subtle, it will enhance your face thanks to its golden reflections.

Ash blonde: for whom?

Ash blonde is a color that can appeal to many people. Unfortunately, it does not highlight all skin tones. Indeed, the ash blonde draws towards the gray and will therefore tarnish certain complexions, in particular those of dark people. If your natural color is dark brown, we also recommend that you do not use this color, because the result will not be very natural. This coloring is also not recommended for people with a dark complexion, because it will dull their complexion by making too much contrast.

So you will understand, it is a color that goes perfectly with fair skin. If you have pink undertones as well as light eyes, you can go head down to achieve this color. Ash blonde will perfectly highlight blue and gray eyes, but also green eyes. Skins that tend to have some redness can turn to ash blonde because it will help neutralize them visually!

This coloring is ideal for people who already have graying hair. As we explained to you, it is a color that tends naturally towards gray. It will then allow for a smoother transition in people who are starting to have gray hair, without it aging them too much. As soon as your first gray or gray hair appears, you can then turn to this coloring and then adopt white hair a few years later.

How is the coloring done at the hairdresser?

The best way to have a gorgeous ash blonde is to already have a light base. Hairdressers agree that the ideal is to have a dark blonde or light brown at best. Beyond these tones, the result will not be optimum and it will damage the hair too much.

If you already have a fairly light base, for example, if you are going from a polar blonde to an ash blonde, the hairdresser will only color it. On the other hand, if you have dark blonde hair, then it will need to lightly bleach before going on to color. This technique will weaken the hair. In addition, you will have to return at least every two months to your hairdresser to redo the roots that will show too much with the lengths, unlike people with a clear base in whom the roots will be more in line with their new color.

To add depth and definition to your color, you can also do a balayage in light blonde tones, such as polar blonde. Choose strategic strands, like the outline of your face to add definition and enhance it. Balayage will also bring highlights to the ash blonde and thus avoid falling into too dull a color, especially if you are starting with a dark base.

Can we do it at home?

You probably did not miss it, the hair color departments of supermarkets contain a few coloring kits to make an ash blonde at home. But is this a good option? If you already have blonde hair, you can easily do ash blonde hair color at home. Be careful, however, to choose the right shade that suits you and the right product. For this, remember to refer to the color chart on the box. This can guide you. If you're worried about making a mistake, don't hesitate to visit a store that specializes in hair products. The sellers will be there to give you the best advice, depending on your habits and your natural color. For a natural result, be careful to respect the minutes during which the color should apply. Depending on the colorings chosen, it usually takes around 30 minutes.

For people with darker hair, it is not recommended that you try your hand at home coloring. It would be too risky and a mistake could happen faster than you think, especially since the discoloration step is mandatory. It is also the one that contains the most risk. It is, therefore, preferable to entrust your hair to the expert hands of a hairdresser or colorist.

Organic hair colors are also a good option if you want to make your own ash blonde color. Organic products have a stricter composition and are therefore free from potentially irritating ingredients or ingredients that can damage the hair, such as parabens, silicones, ammonia, or even resorcinol. More and more organic hair colors contain aloe vera. This active ingredient is very useful in coloring because it will protect the scalp and the hair structure while preventing potential irritation or redness. It will also allow a better shine of the color, but also facilitate styling. All these benefits, therefore, make it an ingredient of choice for organic coloring.


A color that requires minimal maintenance

Unlike other blondes, ash blonde is fairly easy to maintain because it does not turn yellow. It is therefore important to take care of your hair to prevent it from getting too damaged. To preserve the beauty of this color, focus on using specific shampoos and treatments for colored and highlighted hair. In your routine, you can completely use a yellowing product, it will not harm your color and on the contrary will prevent possible bleeding of color, even if this is rarer on a blonde coloring than red or purple for example. . For their part, shampoos and treatments for colored hair will preserve the pigments of the hair while preventing the color from tarnishing over time.

You can also use organic or natural care to avoid ingredients that could be harmful to your color, but also your scalp. From time to time, you can also make yourself an organic avocado oil mask. To do this, you just need to apply this oil to your hair and leave it on, ideally overnight, before rinsing thoroughly. Avocado oil will deeply nourish your hair and thus wake up the color and give it more radiance.

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