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Braided Braid Of The Stars In Spring 2023


The stars swear by this simple braid in spring 2022...

Braided pigtails are among the oldest hairstyles in the world. In fact, a rock painting of a mother with braided hair was discovered in the Algerian desert - and is said to be over 5,500 years old.

Braided Braid of The Stars in Spring 2023

Despite the old age, the braid does not even think about going into hairy retirement. Rather, the simple hairstyle is celebrating a brilliant hairstyle trend comeback in spring 2022. Because the big Hollywood stars have discovered the braid for themselves and wear it up and down the red carpet.

Hairstyle trend: The braided braid of the stars in spring 2022

For a long time, the plaited plait was decried as a rather childish hairstyle that cannot really look grown-up or even elegant. Well, braided hair is actually very popular with small children. After all, you don't need a lot of hairstyle talent for a simple braid and you can style it relatively quickly and easily. In addition, in contrast to the conventional ponytail, the plaited ponytail has the advantage that the hair is completely tied in and therefore does not interfere with romping and playing.

At this year's SAG Awards, numerous stars proved that the braided hairstyle trend definitely has what it takes to create chic hairstyling. The great thing about it: The braid is available in so many different versions that there is a suitable star hairstyle for every style and taste – and also for every ability to braid.

For example, HoYeon Jung, star of the Netflix series “Squid Game”, relies on a simple braid that she wears over her shoulder. The hair on the top of the head is styled quite sleekly to form a middle parting and the hair in the ponytail is also rather compact and severe, with the exception of a few loosely plucked strands. As a great detail, HoYeon's hairstyle trend is held together with a bow, which is meant to be reminiscent of the traditional Korean "Daenggi" bows.

Hairstyle trend: The braided braid of the stars in spring 2022 | Braided Braid of The Stars in Spring 2023
Great detail: The bow in HoYeon Jung's braids pays homage to the traditional "Daenggi" bows in Korea.

Demi Singleton also relies on a strict plait with a sleek middle parting, whereby she wears the hairstyle trend in a double pack. However, the star hairstyle does not look childish here either. The braids are braided relatively coarsely and thickly and are therefore not at all reminiscent of the thin pigtail braids from our childhood.

The ingenious thing about both star hairstyles: The simple plait gives the elegant robes an extra portion of coolness and nonchalance, at the same time it looks classier than open hair. Especially when the clothes or fashion trends come with special details on the neck or cleavage.

Hairstyle trend: The braided braid of the stars in spring 2022 | Braided Braid of The Stars in Spring 2023
Demi Singleton wears two braids, which she combines with a sleek center parting.

If you like it a bit more elegant, as an advanced braider you can also try a herringbone braid à la Juno Temple. The actress from the Apple series "Ted Lasso" combined the hairstyle trend at the SAG Awards with side bangs and a trendy voluminous beehive, which gave her hair nostalgic retro vibes.

Hairstyle trend: The braided braid of the stars in spring 2022 | Braided Braid of The Stars in Spring 2023
"Ted Lasso" actress Juno Temple opts for a braided herringbone braid, which she combines with a trendy beehive.

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