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Curly Hair: What Hair Routine To Adopt?


A good hair routine is essential, especially for curly hair. What product to use? In which order? Should certain substances be banned? Follow the leader.

It is not always easy to style your curly hair and take care of it. Poor drying, unsuitable products, capricious curls, rain, wind, change of season... there are many factors that can damage your hair. If you can't predict a sudden turnaround in the weather, a good hair routine should help you take care of your hair and enhance your curls.

Because yes, just like the skin, the hair needs a beauty routine. Especially to protect her curly hair from the cold. In addition to taking care of them, it will help you style them more easily. No more headaches in the bathroom to know how to tame your mane. Say goodbye to flyaways and flyaways that give you a hard time. Here are the tips and products to adopt and those to avoid.

Curly Hair: What Hair Routine To Adopt? | Curly Hair: What Hair Routine To Adopt?

Before shampoo

Curly hair tends to be dry, which is why it's important to nourish it, even before showering. The best solution remains an oil bath: it hydrates the hair and closes the cuticles by keeping the product in the hair fiber. Curly natures are fond of argan, avocado, and castor oil. Space the oil baths to a maximum of one per week because they can grease your hair if you “abuse” them.


As a general rule, it is best to wash your hair up to twice a week. However, it all depends on your hair type. It is advisable to choose silicone-free products, which clog the pores and prevent skincare products from penetrating. Sulfates are also to be avoided since they are too abrasive for the scalp.

Dry, brittle, oily hair… There are shampoos for all needs. However, if you have big, wide curls, your hair will tend to resist shampoos rich in butter and oils less and lose volume.


It is a very good way to detangle your hair easily without breaking it. However, if you are going to do a mask, you can skip the conditioner.

The conditioner is used to detangle, but also to repair your hair by smoothing the scales for more shine. On the other hand, unlike the mask, it should not be left on for several hours. A few minutes are enough.


The mask

This is the treatment that will deeply nourish your hair and heal your curls. It is generally to be done once a week and to be left on for between 30 minutes and an hour. Choose a mask according to your needs (brittle hair, burnt hair, moisturize, etc.).


The ends are the most fragile, which is why they must be nourished with suitable leave-in care. If you have to be careful with the formulation of your in-shower treatments so as not to weigh your hair down, you can choose your leave-in treatments according to your preferences. Cream, spray, lotion, oil…

Actions to avoid

It is not recommended to brush or comb wet hair if you want volume. On the other hand, you can untangle them with a wide-tooth comb or simply with your fingers.

Hairdryers and other heating appliances are also not recommended. Open-air remains the best solution, although the process is longer.

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