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Why We Should Let Our Hair Grease Out?


For many women, washing their hair is part of the everyday care routine. Especially for those whose scalp is quickly greasy. But it is precisely frequent washing that can really stimulate sebum production. The solution? Allow our splendor a break and take a break. We reveal how degreasing works.

Why we should let our hair grease out?

We'll tell you why we should let our hair grease out.

Why we should let our hair grease out?

Frequent hair washing and styling stress the sensitive scalp.

Why we should let our hair grease out?

Let's give her a break!

Washing time out for healthier hair

Due to the current Corona situation, many of us are in our own four walls and avoid social contact. What better time to give your hair a break? Greasing the hair once not only helps to bring the sebum production back into balance but also protects the skin and the length of the hair.
Such a detox cure can support the fight against greasy hair: Daily washing puts a lot of strain on our scalp. Massaging stimulates blood circulation and thus sebum production - which in turn leads to greasy hair. Especially the hair lengths that the oil does not get into, dry out with shampoos and the calcareous water, break and develop split ends.

Let hair grease properly: Here's how

Those who manage to live with greasy hair for a few days will have healthier hair after the procedure and can permanently reduce the intervals between hair washes. And this is how it works:

Daily brushing is on the program. Because this is how the healthy fats are distributed from the base in the lengths. This works best with a brush with natural hair bristles. Even if it doesn't sound very appetizing, it helps to care for the tips naturally. If you feel more comfortable, you can tie your mane into a loose braid during this period after combing it. Whether you hold out for two, three, or seven days: Our smooth lengths will thank us for this break.

Tip: Anyone who has survived the phase and is washing their hair again should not overdo it. A small, hazelnut-sized blob of a pH-neutral shampoo is all you need!

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