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Shampoo Or Conditioner First? When Washing Your Hair


You always make this mistake when washing your hair...

When you wash your hair, you probably apply shampoo first and then conditioner. Here we tell you what happens when you change this order.

Shampoo or Conditioner First? When Washing Your Hair

Shampoo or conditioner first? This is what happens when you change the order of washing your hair

Washing your hair is a fairly automated process, you're just totally used to it. At least when it comes to the order of the products. Shampoo first, then conditioner, right? That could be a mistake because as it turns out, it actually works the other way around. And that changes a lot.

Shampoo or conditioner: What comes first when washing your hair?

It's definitely worth trying. Because using the conditioner first and then the shampoo should have a visible and tangible effect on the hair, including more volume. An expert explains to us in more detail what it is all about. "Applying conditioner before washing your hair moisturizes fine hair without weighing it down," explains Nina Dimachki, Creative Director of Kérastase. In addition, it is possible to prepare the hair perfectly for washing.

You should pay attention to this in this hair care sequence

The method is not only suitable for fine hair, but also for colored and frizzy hair and hair that tends to get greasy quickly. If you want to try this, you should make sure that you really apply the conditioner from the roots to the tips and not, as is usually the case, start in the middle. It is also important with this order to rinse out the conditioner thoroughly. There should really be no residue left. Once this step is done, the shampoo can be used. And if you are to believe those who have tried it, it really does make hair feel softer and make washing even easier.

First conditioner, then shampoo: Advantage of this order

Even with the order of the first conditioner and then shampoo, you can simply leave your hairdryer in the bathroom cabinet and your hair to air dry. The result is not long in coming: the mane should look visibly more voluminous and also feel nice and light.

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