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3 Lies Your Hairdresser Will Tell You


When visiting the hairdresser it can happen that one or the other (small) lie is served up. Three are particularly common.

3 Lies Your Hairdresser Will Tell You
You could be told these lies in the hair salon.

"Which shampoo do you use?", "How often do you wash your hair?", "Do you use heat tools?" - hardly a visit to the hairdressing salon goes by without exchange with the hairdresser. In the course of the conversation, however, it can happen that he or she tells one or the other lie. You can read about it here:

1. "Come to prune every six weeks."

The advice is to come every six (sometimes every four!) Weeks to cut the tips may be well meant but not really necessary. And it also costs a lot of time and money.

Hairstylist Sasha Alekseyeva says: “To be honest, I would never tell a person with healthy hair and an easy-care cut that they absolutely have to come over every six weeks. For women who hardly ever dye and rarely use heat tools for styling, it is only necessary every five to six months. ”Shorter intervals between salon visits are advisable if the hair is already very damaged from frequent styling and dyeing.

2. "With fine hair, a short haircut is the best choice."

Anyone who has fine hair has probably heard in the hairdressing salon that the hair can no longer grow properly beyond a certain point. Alekseyeva thinks this is nonsense. "If your hair is not too straggly or breaks off and you are happy with the cut, you do not necessarily have to cut your hair shorter." Her tip: If you want to let fine hair grow long, you should regularly care for your hair with hair masks, broken ends in having them cut at regular intervals, and skip heat styling with straightening irons, curling irons, and the like as often as possible.

3. "Washing your hair every day is bad for your hair."

The fact that daily shampooing dries out the hair and ensures that it regreases faster is a myth that persists. However, Alekseyeva is convinced that the "damage" of the shampoo is not worth mentioning in comparison to the much more harmful heat styling. If you wash your hair every day and, for example, let it air dry as much as possible, you have nothing to fear. In addition, many shampoos are specially developed for regular use.

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