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Avoiding Bloating: Is It Better To Drink Water Cold Or Warm?


Ayurveda expert Kerry Harling spoke about the benefits of drinking warm water.

With these tips, you can easily avoid a bloated stomach

We've already talked at length about gas stomach: the foods that cause it, the tricks (sometimes Grandma's) that help alleviate it, and even how posture can affect this almost universal problem for most women. But until now we hadn't realized the relationship between the temperature of the water we drink and our digestive processes. Ayurveda expert Kerry Harling explains in her book "Ayurveda Detox" (Kairos) the benefits of warm water: "Ice water slows down the digestive enzymes and hinders digestion, which means that it does not contribute to detoxification", explains the expert who urgently recommends drinking warm (or even hot) water.

A bloated stomach can be easily regulated by the temperature of the water

In fact, Kerry Harling, who is on the team at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, advises that the water we drink throughout the day should be bottled or boiled water with no additives (it's best to leave the fruit in Water away). She also advises drinking water every 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day, which will make us feel less tired and have less water retention. "Not only does it rehydrate, but it also expands the lymphatic system, which makes it easier for the lymph to flow," she says.

Kerry Harling's theory has been discussed on other occasions, largely because it is one of the cornerstones of Eastern wellness philosophies, based on the fact that warm water helps make food more digestible, while cold water can harden the fats in food, which leads to difficult digestion and the dreaded bloated stomach.

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