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Hair News: We Wear This Balayage Trend In Spring


After the lockdown, we really want to get this balayage look colored by our hairdresser. This is what makes the hair trend so popular...

Hair news: We wear this balayage trend in spring
Hair news: we wear this balayage trend in spring

You are sure to dream of going back to your favorite hairdressing salon soon, getting a pleasant hair wash, and breathing new life into your hairstyle. If the hairdressing salons are allowed to reopen at the beginning of March after a long lockdown and you still don't know what your new spring look should look like - we have the perfect hair color for you! A new hair color trend is particularly popular with hairstylists and celebrities: the new wave balayage.

What is the difference between a normal balayage?

As the name suggests, new wave balayage is an updated type of traditional balayage. Colorists work with the natural hair tones and check what needs to be improved on the color. Rather, it is a visual technique that is supposed to give the impression that the strands have been naturally lightened by the sun.

What does the new wave balayage look like?

With the new type of balayage, certain areas of the hair color remain soft and natural, while others get a touch of brightness and color. This creates multi-dimensional and tonal bleaching that not only feels fresh but also looks super modern. Scarlett Johansson's hair color expert swears by this technique.

What does the new wave balayage look like? | Hair news: We wear this balayage trend in spring
What does the new wave balayage look like? | Hair news: We wear this balayage trend in spring
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Who is the trend for?

Since the new wave balayage respects your natural hair color and only optimizes it, it is suitable for every hair color and every haircut. Dyed without bleach, the hair color trend is particularly low-maintenance and stays fresh for months. Particularly great: The regrowth caused by the lockdown can be magically removed with the new wave balayage. Because the color is not stained in blocks at the roots but is drawn seamlessly and gently over the entire length of the hair.

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