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Micro Bob Is The Trendiest Bob Of The Year – According To An Expert


We asked an expert which haircut we can particularly look forward to in 2022. So much in advance: It will be short, a bit radical - and above all quite chic!

Micro Bob Is The Trendiest Bob Of The Year – According To An Expert
In the new year, we are putting everything on the micro bob.

Micro Bob Is The Trendiest Bob Of The Year – According To An Expert
Our expert knows what is important for a short haircut.

It doesn't matter whether it's wispy bangs or rebel cuts - in terms of hairstyles, 2022 is already something to be proud of. But which bob is the trend hairstyle par excellence in the new year? We asked Nadja Gärber, International Master Trainer at davines Germany.

Micro bob is the trend hairstyle for 2022

According to Nadja Gärber, it is probably the micro bob that will conquer our heads in 2022. This is a short haircut in which the tips just reach the chin in the front and the nape of the neck in the back. The hair is cut to one length. A real advantage according to Nadja Gärber:

"The bob is wonderfully restrained in the overall picture - you can see the person!"

In her opinion, how to properly care for the micro bobs depends on the hair structure and the previous treatment. A hairdresser can advise you individually.

How to style the micro bob correctly?

And it gets even better: The micro bob can be styled super easily and with great effort. Because no matter whether you have straight or curly hair - you can wear it with any hair type. After washing your hair while it is still wet, part the side or middle and let the bob air dry for a particularly casual look. A fringe that emphasizes the facial contours, even more, goes well with the micro bob. A little mousse provides the extra portion of the volume.

Who does the Micro Bob suit?

According to our expert, the micro bob suits every woman who brings the hair with her - and a face shape that tolerates a break just above the chin line. In their opinion, sporty women who do not want to do without the feminine are particularly well advised to go with the micro bob. If you are still unsure about the radical cut, Nadja Gärber advises you to slowly approach the micro bob with the long bob.

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