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Eyeliner Trend: Double Liner Look From Dior Spring/Summer 2023


You really can't say that there is currently a lack of eyeliner variants, after all, more and more designers are including the trendy make-up trend in their runway looks, and season after season they show a wide variety of ideas, from filigree lines to wide frames, in Jet black or multicolored and colorful. You can find inspiration for eyeliner at Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Etro, Isabel Marant, or Giambattista Valli.

Eyeliner Trend: Double Liner Look From Dior Spring/Summer 2023
Trend look: Eyeliner look drawn in delicate lines at Dior for spring/summer 2022.

Our current favorite, however, is the double liner from Dior: While make-up boss Peter Philips recently attracted everyone's attention as if hypnotic with a two-tone Cat Eyes variant in black and midnight blue, he created it for the current spring/summer show 2022 in Paris a more classic eyeliner look, which is extended into the corner of the eye as a delicate double line at the top and bottom. With these tricks and products, you can now easily put make-up on the Dior Double-Liner...

Eyeliner Trend: Double Liner Look From Dior Spring/Summer 2023
The double liner from Dior is extended into the outer corner of the eye at the top and bottom.

Eyeliner Trend: Double Liner Look From Dior Spring/Summer 2023
A liquid, smudge-proof eyeliner pencil with a fine tip is ideal.

Eyeliner trend look: This is how the double liner is made up like at Dior

The eyeliner should be inspired by make-up from the 1960s and at the same time modern, explains Peter Philips via Instagram. To do this, he created a double-liner look in which a classic (and reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn) eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye appears to be mirrored downwards.

"I highlighted the eyes, elongating them with a double line of black eyeliner that was graphic but light, in a fresh and cheeky spirit with a sixties vibe."

How-to: Dior Double Liner

First, dab the upper and lower eyelids with a little primer so that nothing smears later. Then start with the upper eyeliner, apply the eyeliner to the outer third of the upper lash line and pull it into the outer corner of the eye with a classic swing. Then place the liner in the lower lash line in the same place and pull the lower eyeliner without touching the upper one. Important: A parallel space remains free between the two lines so that the double-liner look results and the upper eyeliner looks like it is mirrored downwards. Finally, use a white, cream-colored, or beige-colored kohl pencil to trace and highlight the waterline of the lower eyelid. For the double-liner look, Peter Philips used the liquid liner “On Stage in 096 Vinyl Black” and the “Diorshow Khôl in Beige 529” kohl pencil.

How-to: Dior Double Liner | Eyeliner Trend: Double Liner Look From Dior Spring/Summer 2023
Instagram: @dior

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