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Straight Hair: 11 Tips To Create The Sleek Look


Who does not know it - if you have waves, you want straight hair, women with straight strands crave nothing more than voluminous curls. True to the motto: You always want what you don't have. Fortunately, there are effective (and gentle!) Methods to change the natural hair structure every now and then and to give yourself a completely new look. We have researched the best tips for straight hair.

Straight hair: 11 hacks to achieving the sleek look - with and without heat

Straight hair: 11 hacks to achieving the sleek look - with and without heat | Straight Hair: 11 Tips To Create The Sleek Look
How to: How to create straight hair with and without heat (Grinko, Spring/Summer 2017).

How do you get straight hair? 11 methods and tips - with and without heat

Straighten hair with heat

Straightening hair with heat is quick and effective. There are five different approaches to this:


1. Straighteners

The classic for straightening hair - and often criticized - is the straightening iron. Because excessive heat styling destroys the hair structure and can be responsible for split ends and hair breakage. Still, the straightening iron is the safest way to get straight hair quickly. And: Thanks to the latest technologies, it doesn't have to be that harmful anymore - in moderation, of course. Good straighteners now come with ceramic plates on which the heat is evenly distributed.

Nevertheless: a heat protection spray is a must before every straightening. And: The hair should be dry before straightening - so you should blow-dry beforehand or let it air dry.

1. Straighteners | Straight Hair: 11 Tips To Create The Sleek Look
1. Straighteners | Straight Hair: 11 Tips To Create The Sleek Look
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2. Hot airbrush

The alternative to straightening irons is a hot air brush. With the all-in-one product, hair can be dried and styled at the same time.

3. Smoothing brush

A straightening brush also uses heat to straighten the hair. The application is super simple and is particularly suitable for long or medium-length hair.

For the trendy sleek look, simply run the bristles of the straightening brush through the strands of hair like a normal brush. Don't forget the heat protection beforehand!

4. Keratin smoothing

If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair and want straight hair that lasts longer than a day, you can think about keratin hair straightening. Keratin proteins are channeled into the hair in a multi-stage process using heat.

5. Hairdryer

The classic alternative to the smoothing brush and hot air brush is the hair dryer in combination with a brush.

With long hair, it is best to use a paddle brush, with shorter hair a round brush is more handy.

Straight hair without heat

Straighten your hair without heat styling? That's fine! There are also different methods for this:

6. Brush

Without any heat and only with a little patience, this method should ensure straight hair. To do this, dry your hair carefully with the towel after washing and then brush it down again and again until the hair is dry.

Caution: Brushing wet hair can damage the hair fiber. Therefore, you should choose a brush that has been specially developed for wet hair.

Natural hair brushes are also well suited - they distribute the fat of the scalp in the lengths of the hair and provide extra shine!


7. Hair dryer

Straighten hair with the hairdryer? You can do that without any heat! Most dryers have a cold setting with which the hair can be blown-dry very easily (and above all gently) with cold air. Here, too, we use a round brush or a paddle brush, depending on the length of the hair.

8. Shampoo and conditioner

With the right care, you can create a sleek look and smooth your hair gently. When buying shampoo, leave-in products, and the like, you should pay attention to products that ensure smoothness and donate a lot of moisture.

Hair oil or a special smoothing balm also create a sleek hairstyle, tame stubborn hair, and give it a beautiful shine.

Tip: This trick only works with hair that already has a relatively smooth structure.

9. XXL hair curlers

Curlers for straight hair? Yes, it works, but only if you use XXL curlers (from 4 centimeters in diameter). These are wrapped in thick strands in the still damp hair. For a smooth result, the strands should be twisted in the same direction. You can attach it with a bobby pin. The slight pull pulls the cuticle of the hair smooth.

The curlers should stay in the hair until it is dry. If you want, you can help with a blow dryer, then your hair will dry even faster. The result? Straight hair and nice volume! Perfect for thin hair.

10. Acid rinse

An acidic rinse, or acidic conditioner, smooths the cuticle of the hair, making it look smoother instantly. In addition, the hair becomes easier to comb and gets a nice shine.

11. Tuck your hair away

This trick for straight hair went viral on YouTube: With this method, the towel-dried hair is first rubbed with some straightening balm, then wrapped around the head in individual strands and fixed with bobby pins. In order for the result to be really smooth, the strands must be tight on the head.

The unusual sleek hair method is not for the fast - for a smooth hairstyle you have to pause for a few hours or simply use the trick overnight.

11. Tuck your hair away | Straight Hair: 11 Tips To Create The Sleek Look
Instagram: @olivecooke

Tips: How do you keep straight hair all day?

Once the hair is straightened, the look should last the whole day if possible. The best tips to prevent the sleek look from becoming a frizz disaster (even in wind and weather):

Mini straightening iron: With a mini straightening iron, the hair can easily be straightened again on the go - the tool fits in every handbag and thanks to the battery does not even need a power socket!
Use hair oil: A hair oil provides extra shine and ensures that the hair stays sleek longer. We show the best hair oils for every type here.
Hairspray: The classic to keep hair in shape. The spray settles on the cuticle and prevents moisture from frizzing the hairstyle - an anti-frizz spray can also help.

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