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Wedding Updos: The Best Styling Ideas


Are you looking for the perfect bridal hairstyle - or a look for your wedding guest outfit? We show you beautiful updos for the wedding.

Wedding Updos: The Best Styling Ideas

Updo hairstyles for weddings: the best hairstyles for brides, wedding guests, and Co.

Updo hairstyles for the wedding not only look beautiful, but also offer some practical advantages: If the hair is pinned up, the nape of the neck is free, and, for example, you don't work up a sweat so easily. A special back neckline or lace on the collar also comes into her own when the bridal hairstyle is pinned up. Even those who want to dance a lot are on the safe side with an updo for the wedding, because they stay in shape even at a long party.

Simple instructions for uncomplicated wedding updos

Not only for the bride but also for the mother of the bride or for the wedding guests, updos for the wedding are a great way to put the hair in the limelight. You don't necessarily have to book a hairdresser, you can style an elegant updo for the wedding yourself.

A deep bun for the wedding:

We'll show you how to do this in the following instructions for wedding updos:

  1. Comb your hair and part it on the side.
  2. Make a knot at the nape of the neck and secure it with a hair tie.
  3. Pull out a strand, wrap it around the bun, secure the ends of your hair with a bobby pin.

A deep bun for the wedding: | Wedding Updos: The Best Styling Ideas
Instagram: @voguegermany

Tip: Do not wash your hair on the day of the wedding, but rather the evening before, then it will have more grip and the hairstyle will last longer.

Updos for different hair lengths and hair types

What hair length do you need for an updo? Many people ask themselves this question when it comes to the right hair styling for a wedding. But regardless of whether you have short, medium-length, or long hair, a simple updo for the wedding, or an elaborate styling, we will show you the options you as a bride, wedding guest, or mother of the bride has for an updo for a wedding.


Wedding updos for short hair

There are also beautiful updos for short hair. If the hair is about chin length, you can, for example, pull it together in a deep ponytail and decorate it with a bow or clasp. Comb short bob hairstyles strictly in the nape of the neck and only style the top of the head for volume. For a pixie, make a deep side parting and fix the hair with gel, and decorate it with a hair accessory.

Updos for medium length hair (shoulder length hair)

Even with medium-length hair, both elegant and loose updos can be created for the wedding. If you like to wear your hair half-open, just take the front strands, twist them a little and pin them at the back of the head with a clip. This half-open updo goes well with a classic wedding dress as well as a look with a summer dress. Medium-length hair can also be twisted into a banana-shaped updo and pinned at the back of the head.

Long hair updos - great for any wedding

If you have long hair, you can combine it wonderfully into a wedding updo in the form of a high bun. Either comb backward, tie in a high ponytail and twist it tightly, or for the "messy bun" twist loosely and pull out individual strands after pinning. A chignon that sits low on the neck is also an ideal updo for long hair - also for wedding guests.

Updo hairstyles on bangs

A pony gives an updo a special touch. Especially a high bun or ponytail looks feminine and classy with bangs. Depending on the style, you can leave your bangs open or tuck them away to the sides with bobby pins. Smooth side-parted bangs pulled diagonally across the face add even more elegance to an updo at the wedding. The casual fringe bangs are perfect for casual summer weddings.

Updo hairstyles on bangs | Wedding Updos: The Best Styling Ideas
Instagram: @voguegermany

Perfect for the wedding: updos for thin hair

For updos for thin hair, gently tease the top hair on the back of the head, this creates volume. Then pin the tips in the nape of the neck. Use a bun pillow for a bun or "messy bun" and tie your hair around it, so the bridal hairstyle looks fuller. Soft curls visually create more fullness.

Updos for thick hair

A loose undone bun is the ideal updo for thick hair. To do this, twist in the lengths loosely, knot in the neck, and secure with hairpins. Decorate the resulting bun on the side with a clip. For a girlish style, braid the hair for the bridal hairstyle into several braids and clip it to the head.


Updo hairstyles for the wedding: the most beautiful hair accessories

Headband, veil, or hair clips - accessories refine every updo. Make sure you take the hair accessories you want for your pinned-up bridal hairstyle with you to a trial appointment with the hairdresser, then you can better coordinate what you like.

What does an updo for a wedding cost? The price of a hairdresser depends on how long your hair is and what hairstyle you want. On average, you should calculate 150 to 300 USD. Many hairdressers offer package prices for updos for the wedding, which include the trial cut and the updo on the wedding day.


These hair accessories go perfectly with the wedding hairstyle:

Updo hairstyles with veil

A veil completes every bridal hairstyle that is pinned up. This is how it works: parting on the side or in the middle, pin the hair in the neck as desired, and fix a hair comb with the veil on the back of the head.

Updo hairstyles with tiara

Feeling like a princess at the wedding is what many brides want and decorate their updo with a diadem at the wedding. Simple hairstyles look particularly elegant, it looks romantic with braided or curly hair. Important: Make sure that the diadem is not too heavy and that it can be stuck in easily.

Flowers for the wedding hairstyle

A hairstyle with curls or gentle waves complements a wreath of flowers perfectly. Simply put it on the top of the head instead of a diadem. Individual flowers go well with braided updos for the wedding, they can easily be tucked into the hair afterward. Those who prefer a natural look use real flowers.

This is how the updo succeeds with bows

Bows in your hair are a beautiful eye-catcher, especially at a wedding. Playful loops create a modern contrast, especially with straight hair that is tied into a simple ponytail or a low-cut bun.

Style updos with pearls - the best tips

Pearls are trendy, not only in jewelry but also as an accessory in hair. For a glamorous look, stick individual hairpins with pearls in a bun or on the side of a hair banana. Looks good too: tuck a beaded clasp into your hair above a deep knot or clip a pony back with it.

Updo hairstyles with a headband

A headband fits every hair length and every hairstyle. Noble materials like satin or velvet make it look grown-up. Instead of pushing your hair or bangs back with a headband as in the past, you can also place a headband in the middle of the head for an updo and make it an eye-catcher. Individual strands or a pony then fall loosely in your bridal hairstyle.

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