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Our Tips For Having Shiny Hair


We do not necessarily think of these tips but they are accessible to all and are especially effective. We give you a few for shiny hair.

Our Tips For Having Shiny Hair

We told you about the actions to avoid damaging your hair, among them the fact of rinsing it with hot water which may irritate your scalp and weaken your hair at the same time. One of our tips is to rinse with cold water at the very end of your shampoos. We explain ourselves. You can rinse out your first shampoo with room temperature water, but try the last to run a cooler spray through your hair. Why? To close the scales, give your hair a smoother appearance and give it shine thanks to the reflection of the light.

A grandmother's recipe

The other technique, when it comes to rinsing, has all of a grandmother's recipe. The advantage is that it works and gives your hair really shine. Take an empty bottle in which you will put a little lukewarm water and white vinegar, then gradually pour it over your hair. An alternative is available from Yves Rocher with its raspberry rinse vinegar, which removes the lime deposited on the hair fiber by the water, but also all the other factors that dull the radiance. It will take 9.90 euros to offer a natural shine to your hair. And if you feel like cheating a bit, use a hair gloss, without overdoing it. You can occasionally spray your hair with a spray to make it shine. We think in particular of that of René Furterer, which will illuminate them for 13.88 euros. It will give highlights to your hair without greasing or weighing it down. That is the demand of the people?

Oil masks

Masks are our best allies when it comes to hair and especially if they are based on natural oils. You can start with coconut oil and apply a generous amount of it on your hair to finally let it act as much as you want. We recommend that you put a scarf on your head or something that can allow the oil to penetrate your hair, which will soon be glowing! Olive oil combined with castor oil is also a great way to help your hair grow and shine. You can mix the two oils in a container, the amount will depend on the length of your hair, and apply this mixture liberally to your hair. Remember to massage your scalp well for the best results.

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