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Honey Blonde Is The Hairstyle Trend In Spring 2023


In spring 2022, honey-blonde is the hair color we are betting on...

Spring 2022 is finally approaching! That means: let there be light! And that's not just related to the length of the day: we're wearing jeans again with a light wash, we're digging out the white sneakers - and some people are also increasingly opting for highlights when it comes to hairstyles, in the truest sense of the word. Honey blonde is very trendy. Understandable, because after the gloomy winter months, in which shades of brown undoubtedly reigned supreme, it can be a bit of a change. We show how the hairstyle trend succeeds!

Honey Blonde is The Hairstyle Trend in Spring 2023
The mother of honey-blonde, so to speak: Blake Lively has had honey-blonde hair for years, here as a guest at the Michael Kors fashion show.

We are going for this hair color in spring 2022: This is what defines the honey blonde hairstyle trend

Until recently, the trend was Expensive Blonde – an elegant homage to peroxide blonde. With Honey-Blonde it's getting a little softer now. The creamy shade is nice and light, but still very natural. The basis is a golden blonde or beige, which is then enriched with highlights. Basically, the hairstyle trend is particularly suitable for women whose natural hair color is already in the direction of dark blonde, because then less lightening is required, which ensures a better result. The highlights that follow brighten the overall hair color and are the secret ingredient of this trend. In warm vanilla and honey nuances and applied a little more generously than is usually the case with highlights, they give the look that special touch. The front part of the hair should be the lightest part of the hair, so as to frame the face.

We are going for this hair color in spring 2022: This is what defines the honey blonde hairstyle trend | Honey Blonde is The Hairstyle Trend in Spring 2023
Instagram: @hannaverhees

Hairstyle trend 2022: How to care for the hair color honey-blonde?

The great thing about hair color is that it suits almost everyone because it's uncomplicated and a little more subtle than very light or very dark tones. And more good news: Honey-Blonde is also easier to care for. Use shampoo and conditioner that support beige and gold tones. Stay away from silver shampoo - that would lighten the base tone and the highlights further, which the sun already does enough for now.

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