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Trichodynia: Causes And Solutions To Hair Pain


Sometimes the hair hurts. Then they can neither be combed to the left nor to the right and certainly not tied in a braid. Touch your head? Almost not possible. According to studies, every fifth woman suffers from it - and not only women with long hair are affected. The causes for this can be very different, but they have a name: trichodynia. Because a braid that is too tight is not always the reason for the pain. We asked a dermatologist.

Hairache? These are the causes and solutions for trichodynia

Hairache? These are the causes and solutions for trichodynia | Trichodynia: Causes And Solutions To Hair Pain

Hair pain: symptoms and causes of trichodynia

Dr. Elisabeth Schuhmachers, the specialist in dermatology and Ayurvedic medicine, complain of particularly sensitive scalps, often also of a burning sensation on the skin when combing as well as accompanying tension headaches and even migraines. Trichodynia, also known as hair root pain, can have a number of causes. "In many cases, too tightly tied braids or buns precede the pain, and emotional problems and stress often play a role," explains Dr. Shoemaker. "Furthermore, medical causes such as an inflamed scalp, inflammation of the roots of the hair, sunburn or a neurological disease can trigger pain in the hair and scalp." - Chemical treatments with e.g. hydrogen or colorants can cause pain, burning, and itchy irritations of the scalp.

This is how you prevent hair pain

As soon as the symptoms of trichodynia appear, it is important to relieve the hair roots. Loosen all the braids, let the hair fall naturally and openly. If the scalp is extremely dry, leave olive, almond, or argan oil on overnight to regenerate the scalp. If there is no or only little improvement, a dermatologist should definitely be consulted. In some cases, autogenic training, a head massage, or acupuncture can help to relieve stress and tension. "The injection of tiny amounts of Botox can also be useful as a therapy," says the doctor. What we already know can also help: light skin types and women with fine hair should protect the scalp from sunburn with a special UV spray or a head covering protection.

More is not always more. While a long list of benefits sounds good at first, rich shampoos or conditioners, as well as strongly firming styling products, should be avoided for sensitive scalps. Alternatives from natural cosmetics based on medicinal plants with a calming and balancing effect, as well as special treatments for a sensitive scalp, are instead a beneficial cure. Clarifying shampoos remove chemical residues from the hair and scalp and are the basis for further treatment steps.

Special tinctures and oils can also be used to specifically treat the tight, sore, or itchy scalp. They supply the irritated scalp with extra moisture and oils, soothe the stressed hair roots and provide noticeable pain relief.

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