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Blonde Highlights: Tips And Maintenance For Going Blonde


Luminous and timeless coloring technique...

The blonde highlights help lighten the hair and give relief to the cut. While this coloring technique is popular, it requires a good dose of maintenance. How to choose the right shade and brighten up your hair without missteps? All our advice before you start.

Blonde Highlights: Tips And Maintenance For Going Blonde

Blonde locks have many advantages. This timeless coloring technique continues to appeal to women who want light and sun in their hair. And for good reason, the blonde locks soften the features, give relief to the cut and bring pep’s to the look. Many celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Gisele Bündchen, and Blake Lively love this coloring technique that envelops the hair in a halo of light. How to adopt it? Follow the guide…

Blonde Highlights: Tips And Maintenance For Going Blonde
Gisele Bündchen's blonde locks.

Blonde highlights or blonde balayage: what's the difference?

The blonde highlights and the blonde sweep are two coloring techniques that consist in lightening the hair. However, the difference between these two methods is how the product is applied. Balayage lightens the hair in a subtle and natural way for a shine effect on the hair. Thin strands dot the hair and blend into the mass. Jennifer Aniston has made the Californian balayage technique her hair signature. In the case of strands, the product is applied to large, more pronounced strands, which gives a more pronounced effect. Strands are more visible and less natural than balayage. This is Gisele Bündchen's favorite blonde. The locks thus give even more light and relief to the hair. They can be a good transition to a platinum blonde for example.

Blonde highlights: for whom?

It is possible to achieve blonde locks on all types of hair, from the smoothest to the curliest and whatever the hairstyles. Blonde highlights are also suitable for all bases when you want to lighten your hair...

Blonde highlights: for whom? | Blonde Highlights: Tips And Maintenance For Going Blonde
How to maintain blonde locks?

How to maintain blonde locks?

Colored hair requires special attention. Weakened, they need to be pampered with appropriate care. And for good reason, damaged by successive discolorations, the hair fiber dries up, tends to become porous, resulting in the color becoming dull. In order to avoid quickly ending up with a fading blonde, or even straw hair, the nourishing shampoo and conditioner ranges are recommended. It is also advisable to apply a nourishing mask once a week to close the scales of the hair fiber and restore soft and luminous hair. In addition to moisturizing care, blonde locks are boosted by care for colored hair. This helps preserve color, just like purple or anti-yellowing treatments specially designed to protect the radiance of blonde strands. Over time, repeated washing, pollution, heat, and external aggressions cause the color to fade. Fortunately, yellowing products made with purple pigments neutralize unwanted reflections and help maintain the radiance of the first few days. All of these treatments can be used alternately in a hair routine for blonde highlights.

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