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Hair: Discover Natural Treatments To Take Care Of It


Like the skin, hair needs to be pampered in order to be truly beautiful. La Biosthétique Paris gives you the keys to achieve this.

For more than 70 years, La Biosthétique Paris has drawn its inspiration from nature to create innovative high-end, effective, and sensory formulas. The brand has made hair care one of its specialties, always with the greatest respect for natural resources and with one essential objective: to protect the environment. People are also at the heart of La Biosthétique Paris’s concerns.

Hair: Discover natural treatments to take care of it

It works in close collaboration with hair salons and trains its partners, accompanies them, and supports them throughout their journey so that they can offer customers a unique experience. Thanks to its philosophy "The Culture of Total Beauty", it offers a wide range of products and services, with coloring, styling, hair care, or haircuts.

Care for all hair types

La Biosthétique Paris takes care of all the hair and makes sure to sublimate it while offering a real moment of well-being to each client. In the cabin or in the bathroom, treatments can pamper the scalp, whether it is oily, dry, sensitive, or prone to dandruff. The various hair treatments help protect colored hair, restore volume to hair lacking tone, boost hair growth, or discipline flyaways. Styling products shape curls, texturize hair, add shine. For every desire and every need, La Biosthétique Paris offers a targeted solution.

Caring for long hair

Always so trendy, they deserve the utmost care. Assaulted on a daily basis by UV rays, pollution, heating, and air conditioning, they are also abused by brushings, coloring, styling devices, rubbing against clothes. To give them back strength, shine, vitality, La Biosthétique Paris has created a specific range: Long Hair. It is composed of eight products, to gently cleanse, detangle, shine, repair lengths, and ends. Among our favorite products, the Detangler, to spray on damp hair to hydrate and facilitate disentangling, and the Weightless Conditioning Oil, based on argan oils and meadow Cardamine, which smoothes the hair fiber and makes it shine. In the range, there are also two shampoos, a dry shampoo, a growth serum, a repairing mask, and a leave-in fluid. A complete offer, to adapt to all the needs of long hair.

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