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Jessica Alba Wears Blonde Now!


Awesome type change! We would hardly have recognized the Hollywood star like that...

Jessica Alba Wears Blonde Now!
Jessica Alba has said goodbye to her brunette mane.

The best time for a type change is – now. Jessica Alba agrees. The 40-year-old, always known for her dark hair, wows us with her new look, so we had to take a second look to recognize the actress.

Jessica Alba wears blonde now!

Jessica Alba wears blonde now! | Jessica Alba Wears Blonde Now!



In her Instagram video, Jessica Alba takes the fans to her makeover with star hairdresser Robert Ramos and proudly presents the result: her bob shines in a cool blonde! Incidentally, this is not the first type change of the Hollywood actress. Just a few months ago, the beauty said goodbye to her long mane and opted for an espresso-brown bob with highlights. For the spring it could now be a fresh blonde for the mother of three.

And that's how Jessica's look comes across

Not only do we love Jessica's new look, but her fans are also enthusiastic about the type change! Actor colleague Michelle Pfeiffer writes under Jessica's transformation video that she would look great in any hair color, Paris Hilton comments on a smiley face with hearty eyes.

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