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Beetroot As A Natural Hair Dye For Red Hair? It'S That Easy!


We'll tell you how you can easily dye your hair at home using natural means.

Dyeing red hair with beetroot - this is how you can do it

Not only is beetroot natural hair dye a DIY trend for this spring, but it also hydrates and adds color to hair without damaging the hair fibers in the process. But beetroot has many other benefits for skin and hair. It contains proteins and minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium) as well as vitamins B and C and thus helps to stop hair loss.

Dyeing red hair with beetroot - this is how you can do it | Beetroot as a natural hair dye for red hair? It's that easy!

All of this ensures that the hair stays healthy - regardless of the season and hair length. With a hair color made from beetroot, the entire hair can be colored, but you can also just set individual reddish highlights. The color lasts between four to six weeks depending on how you care for your hair.

How to make a natural hair dye from beetroot?

María Violante, a herbal and skincare expert at Formula Botanic School UK, explains how to make hair color from beetroot. She combines the tuber with coffee to get a nice red mane. Coffee has high antioxidant properties, like beetroot, prevents hair loss, supports hair growth, gives shine, and prevents frizz. In addition, the homemade beetroot hair color prevents dandruff due to the high content of potassium and silica.



  1. Put the beetroot tubers in a juicer.
  2. Then mix the beetroot juice with the coffee powder or coffee grounds.
  3. Add the olive oil.
  4. Mix everything together until a homogeneous mass is obtained, then apply it like a normal hair dye.
  5. Let the paint work for an hour and a half, ideally under a plastic shower cap.
  6. Then rinse the red paint well to remove any coffee or beetroot residue from the hair.
  7. Then use some conditioner. Don't wash your hair for another two days.

You can easily make your beetroot hair color from home. You can also create different color gradations - from light to dark red. If you want a lighter tone or gentle highlights, we recommend adding chamomile tea, lemon, and orange to the mixture. If you want a darker shade of red, follow the steps exactly as explained above. For darker hair, we recommend a mixture of blackberries, black tea, blueberries, coffee, sage tea, and walnut shells. Here we go!

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