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Flashback: This Flagship Hairstyle Of The Sixties Of New Trend?


Here, we are talking about the headband-wig: a hair accessory as practical as it is ultra-trendy at the moment.

Flashback: This flagship hairstyle of the sixties of new trend?
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If the world of beauty is constantly reinventing itself, there is no shortage of retro inspirations! Indeed, while certain hairstyles and haircuts have left a deep mark on the last century, they are now being discovered with new eyes, as if they were real novelties. Between the mullet cut, the pixie cut, the curtain fringe… It is difficult to list them all as these beauty treatments - both vintage and iconic - have an influence on current trends.

In this article, it is a hairstyle, or rather an accessory, from the 60s that interests us so much it seems to return to the front of the hair scene: the famous headband.

Sylvie Vartan, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, and even Audrey Hepburn, are all icons of the sixties who have worn the headband and made this accessory one of their many hair signatures. In 2021, this piece proves once again how timeless and essential it is! Revisited, the headband is now accompanied by hair extensions, giving the hair unparalleled volume! Easy to place and wear all day long, the headband-wig is a must have hairstyle.

Now here are some tips to consider if you want to embrace this trend: As your natural hair will be mostly concealed under this fashionable accessory, it is important that hair extensions do not look too synthetic (in other words shiny and frozen) for a look as chic as it is imperceptible. Ideal for going from short to long, from brown to blonde, from straight to curly...: the headband-wig can make all the difference!

Whether you are used to wigs or not, know that this option has everything to please you! No need for glue or any other hairstyling material: the headband is sufficient on its own and the result after installation is quite natural. Another tip: for an even more sublime result, you can bring out some of your locks of hair under the headband, at the level of your forehead. A fine tooth comb, a drop of gel or wax, and voila!

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